The Global Gift Solidarity Bracelet

We would like to introduce you the other face of famous people like Sheeva, Iranian Jewelry Designer who has honored us designing The Global Gift Solidarity Bracelet. Sheeva is an active and concern philanthropist about the needs of the less advantaged. An inspiring figure who divides her time between London and the French Côte d’Azur.

Her designs are created from spirituality, romanticism with modern gothic touches. Women who have predilection for beautiful and special things like our Star Eva Longoria, wear “Sheeva Designs”.

As a woman and as an artist, Sheeva has a sensitive personality which adopt different shapes according to her life experience: “I believe that charity tries to cover the needs of the community whereas the philanthropy aims to eradicate the root of the problem”, says Sheeva.

People like her makes the world a better place, as she is not only involved to solve the needs of the community but she will love achieve a significant change in the world that she happen to live.

Sheeva has been with us almost from the beginning, supporting our foundation in all the ways she could. After the actress, director and activist, Eva Longoria, Sheeva is one of the most significant and concerned soul in the development of the Global Gift Foundation.