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What is Casa Ángeles?

Casa Ángeles is a day center created with the aim of improving the quality of life of children with special needs and their families. 

Located in the city of Marbella, its objective is to promote the development, autonomy and well-being (both physical and intellectual) of children and young people with special needs through comprehensive care.  

Casa Ángeles is made up of therapists and expert professionals in each field. 

In addition, at Casa Ángeles, workshops and leisure activities are held for the entire community, whether or not they have special needs, where full social inclusion is educated, promoted and favored

This center, the main project of the Global Gift Foundation and its Founder María Bravo, also opens its doors to different social entities, offering the opportunity to share space, experiences, resources and activities to form a great team that contributes to advancing equality of opportunities for people with special needs, thus creating a greater impact on our community

What do we do?

Casa Ángeles has a great team of professionals to provide therapies and activities, some are offered for free and others at more affordable prices and which take place in the different spaces of the center. Our goal is, in the future, to be able to offer all therapies and workshops free of charge to families without resources.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Respiratory physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Sensory Integration
  • Speech therapy
  • Psychology
  • Social work
  • Recreational and leisure activities

To whom is it adressed?

To boys, girls and young people with special needs.

To families, fathers, mothers or caregivers who need information, guidance and support.

To people looking to be part of a support network.

To YOU, to our entire community, people who want to join the world of inclusion based on respect for people and the wealth that diversity brings us.

Casa Global Gift
Casa Global Gift
Casa Global Gift


Our fundamental mission is social, health and educational intervention in response to the special needs of children, creating an individual, family and community impact that allows us to cover the special needs of all children, improving their quality of life. and promoting their inclusion.



We want all boys and girls to be able to enjoy full comprehensive inclusion in the community in which they live, combating any difficulty that may arise to enjoy the same rights as others, without a disability, illness or disorder affecting their quality of life.

Casa Global Gift


  • Professionalism: We believe in the importance of professionalism in the services we offer. Have intervention disciplines with experience and scientific rigor in the benefits it offers and that are taught by professionals with the qualifications that the intervention demands.

  • Solidarity: We have an intervention approach based on Human Rights, and in particular on the Rights of Children, oriented towards their fulfillment in our own interventions and their promotion in society through interdisciplinary work with public and private institutions, in addition to social awareness in terms of disability, disease or disorder.

  • Commitment: We are committed to fulfilling our mission and vision as a fundamental principle, giving them priority over any other action. 


  • Comprehensive: We believe in a comprehensive intervention, which responds not only to the needs demanded, but to all those that affect the family, social and institutional group in which the minor is involved, having resources that favor synergies and improvements. of performance with the institutions and other services that affect the minor. 


  • Equality: We believe in equal opportunities for all boys and girls, without discrimination or lack of access to services based on gender, age, religion, ethnic origin or family situation. 


Casa Ángeles is a project of the Global Gift Foundation created in Marbella as a dream of Maria Bravo, president, and creator of the Foundation. 

The families of children with special needs in the area demanded help from the different public bodies and expressed the need for a multifunctional center that would cover the basic needs of children with special needs

María Bravo, in her desire to bring help to her land, decided to undertake this project with the hope that Casa Ángeles would become a haven of support, understanding and happiness for these children and their families. 

Casa Ángeles is a project of the Global Gift Foundation created in Marbella, the birthplace of the founder and president of the Foundation, Maria Bravo

Casa Global Gift

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