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Global Gift Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to create a positive impact on the lives of children, women and families who are in need.

We help meet basic needs in the lives of vulnerable groups by creating campaigns, partnerships with major brands and ambassadors and beneficiary institutions and other institutions that promote an impact of social transformation.

The Foundation works in two ways- it finances the projects of third party non-profit organiza­tions or individuals in dire need due to their circumstances or financing its own in house projects, such as Casa Ángeles.

The Foundation ensures that the beneficiaries (associations, foundations, NGOs, and ultimately, people with needs) receive resources to finance social projects. As a fiscally responsible organiza­tion, 100% of donations received are transferred to the assigned projects, which to start with, must have met all the technical and legal requirements to be recipients of such donations.

Global Gift Foundation carries out comprehensive monitoring of all projects to which donations have been transferred, thus ensuring that they are conducted properly. With regards to projects directly benefiting Global Gift Foundation, the patrons of the foundation, as well as the supervi­sion of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, governed under Spanish legislation ensure that donations are used for the intended purpose.

In addition, the Foundation reports, in detail, to all donors who have supported a specific project.

According to the laws of its establishment in Spain, the Global Gift Foundation is registered in the National Register of foundations of Spain with number G93264265.


Individual donors
Donating to a specific need; education, housing, food, clothing or medical care.

Business association
Companies can sponsor events services and Global Gift Foundation, or provide direct financial support through donations.

Gifts in kind
The donation of products or services enhance our Foundation programs.


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For any questions or inquiries regarding donations, you can go to: