About Us

Who We Are

The Global Gift Foundation is a humanitarian Non-Profit organization. It was founded in 2013 by the Spanish actress, businesswoman and philanthropist, María Bravo, with the aim of creating a positive impact on the lives of children, women and families, who are in a situation of vulnerability and / or risk of social exclusion.

The Global Gift Foundation started by supporting other Non-Profit organizations, since the foundation grew, it was able to expand its field of action, developing its own projects to meet its objectives.

Our Vision

That all people can be fully integrated into the community in which they live, with all their basic and specific needs covered, them being social, medical, psychological, emotional or educational.

Our Mission

Create a positive impact on the lives of children, women and families who are in a situation of vulnerability and / or risk of social exclusion.

Our Values

Solidarity, commitment, equality, social justice, flexibility, humanity, unity (teamwork and collaboration with other organizations creating synergies).


The founders closely monitor all beneficiary organizations and the benefited projects, ensuring that they are carried out correctly.

María Bravo

Maria Bravo was born in Marbella. At 20 years of age, with a great desire to understand the economic, political and social dynamics of the world, she went to the United States. Her professional expertise and support of good friends have been key in creating the Global Gift Foundation, the personal project in which she is able to apply her knowledge of philanthropy and make a difference in the world.

“Global Gift is the result of a tremendous need to help, to make tangible what my mother taught me and which is based on love for others”

Alina Peralta

Alina Peralta is of Nicaraguan origin but grew up in Los Angeles. She feels a strong commitment to her philanthropic work and hopes, through the Global Gift Foundation, promote the development of women and children in the field of health and education.

“There is a moment in your life when the material only has value in terms of the smiles you can achieve on others faces; meeting in person the people we help, it is wonderful”



Ana Tormo

International Foundation Relations Director

“It’s all about love.”

Carmen Bravo

Director of Communication

“Give what you have to deserve what you need.”
Saint Augustin

Mónica Ceballos

Foundation Project Co-ordinator

“Trust the magic of philanthropy.”

Belén Barranquero

Administration Department

“Make generosity part of your growth strategy.”

Joanna Dunbar

Production & Talent Management

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.”

Patricio Moreno

Public Relations

“Give some of what is yours to who nothing owns. You will feel good. You’ll become a better person.”

Toni Cuenca

Graphic Design

“Think, Dream, Believe and Dare”


Who do we help and why?

We help Non-Profit organizations that share the same values as Global Gift Foundation’s, which have among their purposes the protection of the most vulnerable groups, supporting their social inclusion and improving wellbeing.

Election process

These organizations send us their projects where they describe in detail the programs and activities they carry out, along with their main objectives.

The amounts donated will vary depending on the needs of the project that has been developed, and the amount raised at each charity event.

Where does my money go?

Global Gift Foundation transfers all the donations it collects to charities that are fiscally responsible and that have all the legal requirements to be rightful recipients.

The funds aim to be invested in social projects whose ideals coincide with those of Global Gif Foundation’s: improving the lives of children, women and families who are in a situation of urgent need.

The foundation provides detailed information about the benefited projects to donors. Regarding the projects that Global Gift Foundation carries out directly, its Board of Trustees, as well as the supervision contemplated by Spanish legislation through the Ministry of Health, Equality and Social Services, guarantee that all donations are destined to the final projects for which have been collected.

In accordance with Spanish legislation:

The Global Gift Foundation is registered in the National Registry of Foundations of Spain, with Tax Identification number G93264265.
In the Foundations Registry with registration number 1149
In the Protectorate of Foundations with number 29-0090

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.