About Us

Who We Are

The Global Gift Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit organization that aims to create a positive impact on the lives of children, women and families who are in need.

We help meet basic needs in the lives of vulnerable groups by creating campaigns, partnerships with major brands and ambassadors and beneficiary institutions and institutions that allow an impact of social transformation.


The founders, Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta, are personally committed to that donations collected by the foundation are entirely devoted to fiscally responsible NGOs. They decided project their life experiences in entertainment and charity events and to create a philanthropic project, Global Gift Foundation was born.

María Bravo

Maria Bravo was born in Marbella. At 20 years of age, with a great desire to understand the economic, political and social dynamics of the world, she went to the United States. Her professional expertise and support of good friends have been key in creating the Global Gift Foundation, the personal project in which she is able to apply her knowledge of philanthropy and make a difference in the world.

“Global Gift is the result of a tremendous need to help, to make tangible what my mother taught me and which is based on love for others”

Alina Peralta

Alina Peralta is of Nicaraguan origin but grew up in Los Angeles. She feels a strong commitment to her philanthropic work and hopes, through the Global Gift Foundation, promote the development of women and children in the field of health and education.

“There is a moment in your life when the material only has value in terms of the smiles you can achieve on others faces; meeting in person the people we help, it is wonderful”


Ana Tormo

International Foundation Relations Director

“It’s all about love.”

Carmen Bravo

Director of Communication

“Give what you have to deserve what you need.”
Saint Augustin

Mónica Ceballos

Foundation Project Co-ordinator

“Trust the magic of philanthropy.”

Belén Barranquero

Administration Department

“Make generosity part of your growth strategy.”

Joanna Dumbar

Production & Talent Management

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.”

Patricio Moreno

Public Relations

“Give some of what is yours to who nothing owns. You will feel good. You’ll become a better person.”

Tamara Zvereff

Director of Operations

“We are better together.”

Toni Cuenca

Graphic Design

“Think, Dream, Believe and Dare”

Karina Milici

Director of Casa Global Gift

“Do Small Things with Great Love”


Global Gift Foundation transfers the total donations to the organizations and NGOs that need financial support, provided they meet all the technical and legal requirements to be recipients of the same.

The Foundation ensures that the beneficiaries (associations, foundations, NGOs, and ultimately, people with high needs) receive resources to finance social projects. As a fiscally responsible organization, 100% of the donations are transferred to the entities and foundations involved, which must meet all the technical and legal requirements to be recipients of such donations. The Fundación G Gift (Fundación Global Gift) makes comprehensive monitoring of all projects to which donations have been transferred, thus ensuring that they are conducted properly.

In addition, the Foundation reports, in detail, the project benefitted to the donors. With regard to projects directly benefiting Global Gift Foundation, the patrons, as well as the supervision that under the Spanish legislation through the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, ensures that donations are used for the intended purpose.

The Foundation was constituted under the company Dream a Path SL by deed on June 10, 2013. Dream a Path SL is a company that generates revenue to support the activity of the Foundation and has its offices in Spain. The main activity of the company is the exploitation of sponsorship and advertising for The Global Gift Gala linking prestigious brands with philanthropy and international celebrities. 

According to the laws of its establishment in Spain, the Global Gift Foundation is registered in the National Register of foundations of Spain with number G93264265 foundation.


With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.