Cause Marketing

Cause related marketing, or cause marketing for short, is when a business supports a charitable cause or a social issue and gets marketing benefits from it.

On behalf of Maria Bravo and the Global Gift Foundation, we want to express our most sincere gratitude for the support and generosity of Zazou Belounis towards our projects. His commitment to corporate social responsibility and philanthropy is admirable and fills us with hope to continue our work.

It is inspiring to see how his personal story is linked to compassion and altruism, and how he has brought those values to the creation of Casanis Group. His restaurants not only offer a unique and extraordinary culinary experience, but also care about sustainability and care for the environment, as well as supporting people with special needs.

We are especially grateful for his commitment to Casa Ángeles, our day center for children with special needs. His donation of a percentage of the income generated by all the Casanis Group establishments will greatly contribute to the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of these children, promoting their inclusion and autonomy.

We cannot express our gratitude enough to Zazou Belounis and his team at Casanis Group. Your dedication and commitment to society is an example to follow and fills us with gratitude for a fairer and more supportive future.

Maria Bravo has partnered with the creators of “Power 8 Energy Drink”, allocating part of the benefits to Casa Angeles, a day centre for children with special needs that Maria has implemented in Marbella thanks to the Global Gift Foundation.

The energy drink “Power 8 Energy Drink” has a pleasant and familiar taste. The most popular flavour are Coffee and Lemon Tea, the favorites ones of those who like caffeine, but they are also other original tastes. In all cases, it is a very pleasant drink that maintains all its efficiency.

It has a moderate amount of sugar, less than half of the other brands that use the title of SUGAR FREE but aren’t really energy drinks. The reason is because they do not satisfy the synergy that occurs between caffeine and sugar, reducing their functionality.

That original energy drink contains vitamins and ingredients, including 6 B vitamins, “energy vitamins” (as Inositol or VIT 8), and glucuronolactone, which has an interesting detoxification effect on the toxins produced by the stress and other causes.

After a collaboration agreement between the founding members of MenteLista and the businesswoman and philanthropist, Maria Bravo, creator of the Global Gift Foundation and Casa Ángeles, the joint objective of both parties is expressed and ratified, which will materialize in the financing of the necessary machinery for children’s therapies in the recently inaugurated Casa Ángeles; the Day Center for Children with special needs that Maria Bravo has created in Marbella.

The founding partners of MenteLista have expressed their satisfaction at being part of a philanthropic initiative like Global Gift, which is so aligned with MenteLista’s values of creating a positive impact in the lives of children. Thus, they expressed from MenteLista:

“We want to vaccinate all children in the world of monolingualism and, especially, those in the Hispanic world who live in the most vulnerable communities. Our dream is that no child born after 2022 turns 8 years old without being fluent in English. It is a determining factor in opening them up to a much broader and more beneficial world of personal, work and social possibilities.”

MenteLista is an App and digital platform, designed by experts in neuroscience and early learning with a multimedia methodology that allows children between 7 months and 8 years old to learn English in a natural, simple and fun way, with just 20 minutes a day. Created by the Malaga-based company Peques Geniales SL., the value proposition includes a premium version for schools and nurseries, together with a training program for teachers as facilitators, so that they accompany the little ones in the learning process without Need to be proficient in English.

In this way, this Cause Marketing agreement forms a perfect strategic collaboration tandem that will benefit both.

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New addition to our Global Gift Family, Rockland Trading a Corporate Social responsible company that will donate  3% of the net profits of the company to support Global Gift Foundation Projects. This Cause Marketing support system will allow Global Gift Foundation to help families and children in need across our various projects.
“Rockland Trading is a Dubai based importer and distributor of specialty foods and beverages from around the world and we represent more than 50 international brands with an exclusive focus on healthy, traceable, sustainable, socially responsible producers who create a range of “better for you” products”.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.