Cause Marketing

Cause related marketing, or cause marketing for short, is when a business supports a charitable cause or a social issue and gets marketing benefits from it.

eGoGames is the leading mobile eSport company that has an algorithm capable of matching players to the same level of skill to create a real competition with someone who can be beaten, by playing with greater skill than your opponent.

eGoGames was born to enable a change in the mobile video game industry, by enabling monetization, consecuently putting an end to adverts by having mobile eSports competitions. This also allows the professional athletes, to compete  and play unlimitedly without seeing advertising while receiving a new source of income. 

eGoGames has signed an agreement with Global Gift Foundation, creating a joint initiative, Gaming for Global Gift which will contribute financial aid to causes that the Global Gift Foundation already has underway but, above all, the company is especially excited about a new solidarity project that will bear its name: the eGoGames Global Gift Centre for Social Inclusion & Health Protection which will be a home built in Spain for children without resources, giving them security and supporting their education while helping in the fight against poverty and marginalization.

Maria Bravo has partnered with the creators of “Power 8 Energy Drink”, allocating part of the benefits to Casa Angeles, a day centre for children with special needs that Maria has implemented in Marbella thanks to the Global Gift Foundation.

The energy drink “Power 8 Energy Drink” has a pleasant and familiar taste. The most popular flavour are Coffee and Lemon Tea, the favorites ones of those who like caffeine, but they are also other original tastes. In all cases, it is a very pleasant drink that maintains all its efficiency.

It has a moderate amount of sugar, less than half of the other brands that use the title of SUGAR FREE but aren’t really energy drinks. The reason is because they do not satisfy the synergy that occurs between caffeine and sugar, reducing their functionality.

That original energy drink contains vitamins and ingredients, including 6 B vitamins, “energy vitamins” (as Inositol or VIT 8), and glucuronolactone, which has an interesting detoxification effect on the toxins produced by the stress and other causes.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.