Quang Chau Foundation

The Quang Chau Foundation is a non-profit organization that houses homeless children that have been abandoned, offering them food, medical care, education and everything they may need for their care.

The orphanage was founded in 1996 when the Buddhism Association of Da Nang (Vietnam) appointed Thich Nu Minh, a Buddhist nun, to become the head of the Padoga. She was in charge of serving the community and taking in students for her teachings of meditation and prayer.

One morning, Thich Nu Minh, heard a baby a crying, that had been abandoned at the doors of her building. She sought help from local farmers to provide food and looked for ways to find a home for the baby. Orphanages in Vietnam are scarce however, and the few that do exist, do not have the resources to cover the needs of all the children. For this reason, Thich Nu Minh, decided to adopt the baby and seek the support of her community through donations to take care of him.

Consequently, many other cases of abandoned children began to go to the Padoga, where they were welcomed and cared for thanks to Thich Nu Minh and the support of the entire community.

Currently, over 100 children that were abandoned on the street, orphans or disabled are cared for within the facility, where all material resources, food and education are provided. In addition, the orphanage also accepts women with disabilities, illnesses or those over 70 who cannot take care of themselves or have no support.

Thanks to this orphanage, many of these children who were adopted since its inception in 1997 have been able to carry out university studies or successfully treat their illness.

Every day, the number of children in the home increases and many resources are required to cover all their needs including: food, beds, diapers, basic products, medical attention and also education support in order to raise and educate to all the children.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.