Maria Bravo recognized for her exemplary philanthropic work at the We Are One Gala in Sweden

Stockholm, January 21th, 2017. On Saturday, Maria Bravo was awarded the Honorary Award at the WE ARE ONE gala in front of 15,000 people. This award is conceded by the We Are One organization to those Philanthropists who carry out exemplary work around the world, making a positive impact on the lives of those most vulnerable.

María Bravo, creator of the Global Gift Foundation, dedicated a few words of gratitude and said she was very proud of the work she is doing with her foundation, helping women, children and families in need;

“Eva Longoria, Alina Peralta and I had a dream, and today we are in 8 countries improving the nutritional, educational and hospital deficiencies of thousands of children and women with a common denominator; compassion and love. Thank you, Michel Issa, for this award. We Are One! “.

Bravo, was surprised with a video of the actress Eva Longoria, who spoke of the recognition and affection for Global Gift Foundation, and particularly towards Maria Bravo.

Eva Longoria Bastón, Honorary Chair of most Global Gift Foundation events and creator of the Eva Longoria Foundation, said:

“Congratulations to Global Gift Foundation. You do an extraordinary job, I cannot think of anyone who deserves this award more than you. What you do is truly magical, very hard work and I am very happy that you have been honored and applauded with this award because you deserve it. And of course, my beautiful Maria: I love you. You are my sister. Thank you for coming up with this concept of Philanthropreneurs, which brings together philanthropists, companies and celebrities and connects them to each other. Without your vision, none of this would be possible.” 

Eva, also gave a few words to the organizer of the Gala:  “Congratulations and thank you, Michel Issa, for your continued support that we value so much.”

Fundraising for six good causes

The NGOs benefiting from WE ARE ONE GALA are; CharityFit, Spread Light, Sri Lanka Association Bris, World Aid Active Life of Service and Global Gift Foundation.


WE ARE ONE GALA is one of the largest philanthropic events in Europe, whose mission is to raise funds through the sale of tickets and distribute the funds raised among various charities. The purpose of these awards is to create cooperation between organizations, demonstrating that we are all one.

The creator and founder of WE ARE ONE, is a young businessman of 30 years, Michel Issa, whose spirit is to make a change in society making it a fairer society. Issa currently runs several companies and has received a number of awards such as the “The King’s Award Compass Rose in 2014 in business”, “This year’s Social Entrepreneur” by Sweden University, “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Honor in 2016”, “Global Gift Foundation Award” and is appointed as “future leaders of the year” by Toyp.

About Global Gift Foundation

Global Gift Foundation is a philanthropic organization created in 2013 by the Spanish Maria Bravo.

The purpose of the Foundation is to meet the nutritional, educational and hospital needs of children and women in need, anywhere in the world. Global Gift also addresses people at risk of social exclusion, regardless of race, religion, sex and age, as well as funding study programs to find solutions for so-called “rare” or chronic diseases.

The foundation raises funds through its events in various cities around the world such as London, Cannes, Paris, Madrid, Marbella, Estepona, Ibiza and Dubai, adding Edinburgh, Dublin and China to the list in 2017. Founder, Maria Bravo, works to ensure the attendance of international celebrities guaranteeing unprecedented media coverage thus obtaining the support of socially committed companies and individuals.

Global Gift carries out exhaustive monitoring of donated funds, ensuring that the funds are used correctly and only works with fiscally responsible charities, companies and philanthropists.