Maria Bravo and Eva Longoria, godmothers of the first Global Gift House in Marbella

  • The founder and chair Maria Bravo, together with Honorary Chair Eva Longoria, today welcomed donors, philanthropists, local authorities and representatives of local organizations in the presentation of the first Global Gift House.
  • More than twenty families and children saw first hand, what will be in a modern resource center for special needs children. They also got a chance to meet the philanthropists that have donated funds to the cause.
  • The Global Gift ambassadors included: Isabel Gemio, Robert and Jessica Pires, Lola Karimova, Ely and Karen Ruimy, Gaurav and Lucy Sinha, Afsi and Sheeva Moshiri and a personal representative of Prince ‘Abdul’ Azim, Simon Jackson, among other. They all wanted to meet some of the families in Marbella who will personally benefit from the Casa Global Gift.
  • The municipal team was represented by Mayor Jose Bernal, accompanied by the councilers involved Paco Garcia, Victoria Morales, Javier Porcuna, and the director of Tourism, Miguel Luna.
  • The young singer Adrián Martín improvised some songs from his live album, which was one of the most exciting moments of the day.
  • The facilities, located on Avenida Jaime de Mora, will become a multifunctional space with large outdoor areas so that the five local organizations can develop their projects and activities.

Marbella July 18, 2016. The Global Gift Foundation presented the first Global Gift Global House, located in Marbella. The chair, Maria Bravo, and honorary chair Eva Longoria welcomed 20 families in the facilities of the future multifunctional center. The center will incubate five local organizations that will work from within the Global Gift House to improve their social projects.

This multi-functional center has been conceived as a resource center for children. It will be considered as a space of participation for parents, mothers and professionals that work with special needs children.

The foundation, along with the Social Welfare Delegation, has initiated this social project with local associations: ADISOL (Association of Diabetics of the Costa del Sol), Association Bubbles and Dreams (rare and undiagnosed diseases), CADI To Childhood Diversity), Association Malagueña Against Cystic Fibrosis, Adahimar (Social association of disorders for attention deficit hyperactivity and the Association of Multiple Sclerosis Marbella-San Pedro Nuevo Amanecer.

In this way, the Global Gift Foundation responds to the need of welcoming associations of Marbella that lack a physical space to develop their support activities. The aim is to adapt the facilities allowing the work and comprehensive care of children.

Among the municipal team that attended are the councilers Paco Garcia, Victoria Morales, Javier Porcuna, and the Director of Tourism, Miguel Luna, who were delighted with this new project that will “improve the quality of life of many in Marbella and their families”.

The mayor of Marbella, José Bernal stressed “the social work that the Global Gift Foundation is undertaking is an example of work and passion with a view to help improve the lives of children, women and families around the world, but I am particularly happy and proud of the great project of Casa Global Gift in Marbella, which will serve as a meeting point for neighboring associations that need it “.