• María Bravo is the founder together with Alina Peralta of this non-profit philanthropic foundation based in Marbella.
  • Semana magazine will be the media partner offering its readers the possibility of participating in charity campaigns to celebrate the 75th anniversary.
  • The Global Gift Foundation has donated a total of $ 2,721,662 in the first two years since its inception and plans to match the success of its previous international campaigns with projects in Spain.


Madrid, April 16, 2015.- The founder of the Global Gift Foundation, Maria Bravo, presented a new national initiative in Madrid, whose mission is to raise funds to help finance charitable projects in Spain. Accompanied by Alina Peralta, co-founder of the charity, has called for the participation of institutions and the willingness for everyone to help “You do not have to be a millionaire or famous to feel philanthropy. Giving is fashionable for everyone”.

In its two years of existence, this Spanish charity has donated a total of $ 2,721,662 to different NGOs, both in Spain and abroad, among which are: Eva Longoria Foundation, Ricky Martin Foundation, Bertín Osborne Foundation, Asociación Ser Human, SOS Foundation, Felizia Tamm Association, Angel Riviere Autism Association, Cudeca Foundation, Dubai Cares, or Fundación Televisa.

National Presence

The creation of the ‘Global Gift Foundation Initiative for funding charitable projects’ emerges as an extension of the foundation’s philanthropic project following the success of previous events such as ‘The Global Gift Gala’ in Marbella.
“We would like to be able to help more organizations nationwide. In 2014 we opened a similar call on behalf of local charities in the province of Malaga and had very good acceptance with a total of 45 projects submitted, of which five benefited from the collection of our cause in Marbella”, says Maria Bravo.

According to Maria, four campaigns have been created that will take place between April and December 2015. Each one will have the objective of helping different groups: children (from May 13 to July 14), research of rare diseases (RE) (from July 15 to September 16), OAP´s (from September 17 to October 21) and support to social kitchens (from October 22 to December 23).


The registration period starts on April 15 and ends on April 30, 2015. Only those entities that register their projects through the web www.globalgiftfoundation.org will be considered.
These must have a purpose: the search for social welfare of vulnerable groups such as older people, women and children in situations of social exclusion, whether for physical, social or cultural reasons and assistance to anyone deprived of basic care, education and materials, as well as assistance in the study of rare diseases.


Maria wanted to thank the collaboration of Semana magazine, of which she has been a reader for years, and with whom the Global Gift Foundation has signed an agreement to publicize the initiative.
“Thanks to the involvement of Semana, the needs of these charities, whether or not selected, will reach all of Spain. We look forward to helping those that really need it”, says Bravo.

Semana magazine, on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, is committed to solidarity and stands as a media partner of the Global Gift Foundation. Charo Carracedo, Director of Semana thanked the Global Gift Foundation for their collaboration proposal. “It has given us a very nice way of transmitting to our readers values such as fidelity and respect, becoming a spokesman for this initiative that connects with the human heart”.

The magazine wants to give its readers the opportunity to participate in the campaigns or even become donors. “We are 100% supportive of this initiative and we ask all of our readers to get actively involved, through coupons we will be publishing for example, so that we can truly achieve this goal”, reinforced Ana Galán, Marketing Director Semana.

The communication of this initiative will be reinforced by the social network actions communicated to the NGOs and various Spanish institutions, as well as the constant work done by all the ambassadors of the foundation and those responsible for projects that have already benefited from previous donations.

Needs in Spain

He wanted to thank the involvement of ambassadors, media and spokespersons of NGOs and various Spanish institutions with which he has worked to “act as speaker and reach all projects with immediate needs in Spain”. Through its social networks and the website of the Foundation, any entity is the object of participating in this call.

With affection, Maria Bravo reviewed the projects she has done in her native land, where she has received several public recognitions. The Mayor Mª Ángeles Muñoz, of the City Council of Marbella, awarded her the “Solidarity Prize 2013” for her philanthropic trajectory during the last few years both inside and outside of Spain. She was also awarded the Silver Pin, the most significant prize from the “Volunteering Platform of Marbella”.
The Global Gift Gala was recognized in 2014 as the Best Event of the Year and María collected the One2one Prize dedicated to Philanthropic contribution received from Tourism Counciler of the City of Marbella, José Luís Hernández, and the President of the brand One2one MK Events.