The VII Global Gift Gala in París recognizes the philanthropic work of Orianne Collins, Pamela Anderson & Valerie Messika


  • The French capital was consolidated as a great philanthropic city as Global Gift brings together important personalities for the seventh consecutive year to support social causes
  • The funds raised on the evening will go to UNICEF France, the Eva Longoria Foundation and the Global Gift Foundation.
  • Personalities such as producer Thomas Langman, designer Jean-Claude Jitrois, presenter Liane Foly or actor Anthony Delon accompanied founder Maria Bravo and Honorary Chair Eva Longoria Bastón
  • Television presenter Alessandra Sublet presented the gala, in which performances, auctions and award giving took place during the gala dinner courtesy of gastronomic Michelin star chefs, Christian Le Squer and David Bizet
  • Musical star Dimash Kudaibergen, with Tal, Anggun, Descemer Bueno, Merwan Rim & Joshaï, gave the evening the musical touch
  • Tras Paris, el 17 de mayo tendrá lugar The Global Gift Gala Edimburgo, y el 19, la sexta edición de The Global Gift Initiative en el icónico escenario del Festival de Cannes

Paris, May 17, 2017. Last night Paris was consolidated as one of the solidarity cities of the Global Gift Foundation. The French capital again brought together the world of philanthropy at the VII Global Gift Gala, in which Maria Bravo, founder and Chair of the gala, and actress and Honorary Chair Eva Longoria Bastón, welcomed guests for another year at the iconic Four Seasons Hotel George V. “Tonight we celebrate the philanthropic work of three incredible women: Orianne Collins, Pamela Anderson and Valerie Messika, and we do it at the Four Seasons George V who has honoured our presence for the past seven years,” Said Maria Bravo. Eva Longoria Bastón assured that “The Global Gift Gala Paris has something special that makes it one of my favourites. Our union with Unicef France and George V is stronger every year and allows us to help thousands of people.”

In this edition, Vietnamese entrepreneur Coco Tran, the alma mater of the Cocobay project located in the city of Da Nang in Vietnam, who will host The Global Gift Gala in Vietnam in 2018, was the sponsor alongside Four Seasons George V, Caron, Messika Jewelry and WebMedia.

Following the gala held in Madrid last April, the Global Gift Foundation brought together leading personalities from the world of culture and philanthropy at an event hosted by renowned French TV presenter Alessandra Sublet. The charity dinner was provided by three Michelin star Chefs, Christian Le Squer, and chef David Bizet, who has achieved a Michelin star in just eight months with one of his three restaurants, L’Orangerie. Both cooks worked together to produce a solidarity menu with avant-garde touches that surprised the guests.

The seventh edition of the Paris gala brought together international musicians committed to the Global Gift Foundation, Kazakhstan’s superstar Dimash Kudaibergen, French-Indonesian singer-songwriter Anggun also shared the stage with artists such as Cuban Descemer Bueno, singer and dancer Tal, and DJs, who closed the gala, Merwan Rim and Joshaï. The traditional auction this year was run by Julien Brunei, auctioneer of the prestigious Christie’s.

Culture personalities came out in force to support the charity event. Producer Thomas Langman and his wife, journalist Céline Bosquet; Fashion designer Jean-Claude Jitrois, actor Anthony Delon, presenter Liane Foly, model Laury Thilleman, chef Juan Arbelaez, entrepreneurs Jonathan Herbatchek and Caroline Receveur, actors Stéphane Jobert, Renan Pacheco and Bernard Montiel; The director of the art galleries Art Paris Art Fair, Julien Lecêtre, and his manager Valentine Lecêtre; Comedian Florent Peyre, film producer Daniel Tordjman, television presenters Aïda Touihri and Capucine Anav, journalists Stéphane Jobert and Jerome Cridlig, singer Lorie Pester, actress Lucie Lucas, models and actresses Noémie Lenoir and Lucie Lucas, The singer and actor Baptiste Giabiconi, models Tonya Kinzinger and Flora Coquerel (Miss France 2014), the winner of The Voice in France Slimane, blogger Sananas, dancers Agustín Galiana and Maxime Dereymez, and doctor Mylène Pradelle, were some of those who attended the event.

Solidarity Awards

The VII Global Gift Gala Paris recognized the work of people who make a difference in the lives of the most needy through their social responsibility, their personal and professional work.

The Global Gift Philanthropist Award went to Orianne Collins for her philanthropic work at the Little Dreams Foundation, an organization she and her husband, singer and songwriter Phil Collins created in 2000. Her foundation supports young talents from the world of music, art and sport through personalized training that seeks to forge a professional career focused on their passion.

This award has previously been awarded to personalities such as Deepak Chopra, Maria Carey, Laetitia Casta or Vicente del Bosque. The actress Pamela Anderson, received the Global Gift Philanthropist Award thanks to her work in the Pamela Anderson Foundation, which fights for the defense of human rights, environmental justice and against animal abuse, and from which it has carried out campaigns to condemn the fur industry or to promote veganism.

Global Gift recognized the philanthropic work of jewelry designer Valerie Messika with the Global Gift Philantropreneur Award, which is awarded to world-renowned entrepreneurs and philanthropists for their social commitment, philanthropic dedication and achievements.

Global Gift Foundation appreciates the support received from Valerie Messika through her socially responsible brand, Messika Jewelry, Other Global Gifters honoured with this same award are Farhad Moshiri, Alejandro Ramirez Magana and Victoria Beckham, among others.


The donations collected during the 7th Global Gift Gala Paris were again used to reinforce the UNICEF France projects and the Global Gift and Eva Longoria foundations. UNICEF France chose to benefit its international children’s programme to ensure the basic needs of children and mothers in emergency situations. The organization, based in more than 190 countries, is based on the International Convention of Childrens Rights (CRC) to achieve protection, education and health. “We work hard so that all children around the world can enjoy being children and for this we need to make them grow up healthy, so that they can study to improve their future where there is no suffering for any type of abuse or exploitation,” said the president Of Unicef ​​France, Jean Marie Dru.

The Eva Longoria Foundation, aims to improve the quality of life of women in need of help to improve their personal potential through business education and training. “We give them the impetus to achieve their dream, supporting education and entrepreneurship and helping them find great opportunities for their future,” said Eva Longoria.

Upcoming Global Gift Events

In addition to the VII Global Gift Gala Paris, the foundation will celebrate the first edition of The Global Gift Gala Edinburgh taking place at the Waldof Astoria Edinburgh – The Caledonian.May 19th is the date for the famous Global Gift Initiative in Cannes, which every year returns to the iconic Cannes Festival in the Mouton Cadet. French presenter Laurie Cholewa will be hosting the event that will boast personalities like the Baroness Rothschild and the performance of artists Melissa Nkonda and Alban Bartoli, who will accompany Maria Bravo and Eva Longoria Bastón. “This is our most exclusive event and every year it becomes more special. We are very grateful to Baroness Rothschild for hosting this event again”, said Maria Bravo.

About Global Gift Foundation

Global Gift Foundation was created in 2013 by philanthropist, Maria Bravo. The foundation provides shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care to children and women in need, anywhere in the world. The foundation also addresses people at risk of social exclusion, regardless of race, religion, sex and age, as well as funding study programs to find solutions of rare or chronic diseases. Casa Global Gift is the first multifunctional center for children with so-called “rare” or chronic diseases that the foundation is implanting in Marbella.



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