Through the cultural promoter The Global Art Company, and the distinguished social club JOMO Madrid, between March 10th and 17th at the Santo Mauro Hotel in Madrid.

Marbella, February 26, 2024: The cultural promoter, The Global Art Company, presents the Ethereal collection, a temporary exhibition featuring never-before-seen works by renowned Spanish artists Eladio de Mora dEmo, Jaime Monge, Anna Barrachina, Miguel Díaz Belda, and Äcondieresis, produced by the distinguished social club JOMO Madrid. The event will take place at the Santo Mauro Hotel, where its nineteenth-century elegance and distinctive aristocratic atmosphere provide the perfect setting for tradition and avant-garde to engage in a fascinating dialogue, bridging different generations and artistic styles. Ethereal will be in the halls of Santo Mauro from March 10th to 17th. In addition to the mentioned artists, a sixth renowned artist is expected to join the exhibition in the most discreet manner, as their work can only be visited by appointment.

The artwork chosen from the Ethereal collection is The Lonely Dino by artist Anna Barrachina, a mixed media piece on canvas measuring 100 x 70 cm. The full amount from its sale will be donated to the Casa Ángeles project of the Global Gift Foundation, a day center for children with special needs founded in Marbella by Spanish entrepreneur and philanthropist María Bravo.

Eva Longoria, María Bravo, Miguel Bosé, Iván Sánchez y Paula Echevarría celebraron The Global Gift Gala con un éxito arrollador.

In addition to this donation to Casa Angeles, the aim of this temporary exhibition, curated by Carol Sepúlveda, founder of The Global Art Company, is to invite visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the ephemeral and the transcendence of the tangible. Through this experience, capable of blurring the lines between the earthly and the spiritual, between reality and the sublime, the exhibition also offers a unique opportunity to explore the present and future of art in Spain, strolling or enjoying a light snack in the elegant halls of the palatial ensemble of Santo Mauro. This sanctuary of luxury and sophistication in the center of Madrid provides an ideal environment to welcome the unique perspectives of these artists and juxtapose their fresh visions with the timeless elegance that permeates their proposal.

Among the exhibiting artists of Ethereal, there is a diverse representation of the Spanish creative avant-garde, such as Eladio de Mora – dEmo, the ambassador in Spain for FIAT and one of the most innovative Spanish artists with significant international projection; Jaime Monge, trained in architecture but currently immersed in other artistic fields capable of unleashing his creative universe and conveying his emotions and experiences; Anna Barrachina, who, with her vibrant and energetic colors, radiates happiness and serenity, inviting the viewer on a visual and emotional journey that celebrates the joy of living; Miguel Díaz Belda-Maika, trained under the master Modesto Trigo and an audacious explorer of textures, colors, and forms, who also urges the viewer to immerse themselves in a world where sensory perception and emotional interpretation intertwine; and Nicolás Villamizar – Äcondieresis, possessing a diverse expression, rich in visual content, and well-equipped with messages, merging from classical painting to street art.

About Hotel Santo Mauro Madrid:

The Hotel Santo Mauro Madrid is a sanctuary of luxury and sophistication, providing an ideal environment for the convergence of artistic brilliance and timeless elegance. With over a century of history, this palace houses spectacular corners that blend the nineteenth-century classicism of its origin with the restless, modern, and impetuous character emerged at the dawn of the new century. Additionally, it offers a great gastronomic proposal. Immerse yourself in an exploration of the intangible, a journey towards the “Ethereal.” Embrace the ephemeral beauty that resides at the heart of artistic expression.


About JOMO Madrid:

JOMO is a distinguished social club. A meeting point for an exclusive circle of Madrid society. JOMO members delight in a variety of monthly events, from high-level gastronomic experiences to artistic encounters and wellness sessions. By being part of JOMO, members gain privileged access to personalized recommendations of the best destinations in the capital, as well as priority reservations at the city’s most iconic restaurants, without the need for waiting lists. The concept of JOMO lies in the collective enjoyment of sophisticated and elegant experiences, each infused with a unique originality.


About The Global Art Company:

As a cultural promoter, it represents and globally promotes the most renowned plastic artists from Spain, innovating in the art industry with its focus on tokenization. With a firm commitment to internationalization, it provides a platform for emerging and established Spanish artists to share their works with a multicultural audience. Additionally, The Global Art Company regularly collaborates with the United Nations’ “He for She” projects, the Global Gift Foundation, and other organizations within its commitment to promoting art and philanthropy.

About Global Gift Foundation:

The Global Gift Foundation is an international charity organization that aims to improve the lives of the most vulnerable, especially children, women, and families in situations of vulnerability. Through its work, the foundation collaborates with social projects and charitable organizations in areas such as health, education, social inclusion, and empowerment. The Global Gift Foundation hosts exclusive charity events worldwide to raise funds and raise awareness about the causes it supports.


About Casa Ángeles:

Casa Ángeles is a day center for children and young people with special needs located in Marbella. Founded by Maria Bravo, its main objective is to improve the quality of life of these children through therapies, workshops, and leisure programs designed to promote social inclusion. The center has modern facilities and highly trained staff to provide a safe and stimulating environment. Casa Ángeles stands out for offering individualized therapies adapted to the needs of each child, as well as for promoting participation in group activities and collaborative projects to promote social integration.