Tuesday, July 26th, 2022: Last Saturday, Global Gift Foundation celebrated a decade of The Global Gift Gala Marbella edition, which took place at the star studded and emblematic Don Pepe Hotel. The magical night was presented and made possible byglobal sponsor Woonkly, the world’s first decentralized metasocial network of NFTs and the leading decentralized meta social NFT platform in the world who´s efforts are to combine blockchain technology by making an impact on social causes; and eGow3rld, the Inspiration sponsor, a company focused on the innovation and development of web2 to web3 companies, balancing and dedicating an admirable commitment to philanthropic causes. The co-chairs of the night Maria Bravo and Eva Longoria welcomed notable guests, including Julissa Reynoso, the United States Ambassador to Spain who received the Global Gift Women Empowerment Award, in recognition of being a disruptive force and an inspirational woman. Award was presented by Elsa Collins, co-founder of Poderistas alongside Eva Longoria and of This is About Humanity.  Julissa, also at the forefront of Poderistas, a digital community ty of women that aims to inspire, affirm, and inform Latinas in order to help them harness power and exercise leadership. The Gala also welcomed, long time Global Gift Ambassador and renowned singer Chenoa, alongside, Manuel Rulfo, who is largely known for his incredible role in the series The Lincoln Lawyer as masters of ceremony, of the incredible charitable event. Additionally, guests were treated by performances from the talented Spanish dancer, Antonio Rodríguez, Farru, the wonderful voices of the young Soleá Rodriguez, and that of delightful Lya, and finished by a spirited set from DJ Denise Van Outen.

Also in attendance, were personalities like the Peruvian actress Stephanie Cayo, boxer and influencer Ilia Topuria, Global Gift Ambassador, Sarah Almagro, the dear and inspiring painter Olga Sharipo, the international actor Alejandro Nones from the series ¨Who Killed Sarah¨, Miss World Spain 2022 Paula Pérez, Mr. International Spain 2022 Daniel Lorente, and Italian model and influencer Gianmarco Onestini, the best padel player in the world, Juan Lebrón, Beatrice de Orleans, Marcos Llorente a Spanish footballer who plays for Atlético de Madrid, and ambassador Julissa Reynoso.

10 years of The Global Gift Gala Marbella

On top of a video recapping the last 10 years, the guests of this landmark edition were thrilled when Eva Longoria and Alina Peralta – the founder of Global Gift Foundation USA and cofounder of the Global Gift Foundation at start of the journey with Maria Bravo –, got on stage to surprise Maria with a performance personally dedicated to her by Keru Sanchez who sang to Maria a song made up of all the values that her mother raised her with. Values, which shaped her into dedicating this decade and life to philanthropy. A moment so special that the members of the Marbella Town Hall were present to witness such a heartwarming performance.

Global Gift Awards

The Global Gift Women Empowerment Award – Ambassador Julissa Reynoso

This award celebrated and paid homage to all the inspirational women who have made a difference in the lives of many other women through their professional role and social capacities in the effort of cementing equality for women, their families and communities.

The public work that Ambassador Reynoso has paved is responsible for important programs that have bettered the quality of life and care that immigrants in the United States receive. In addition, she is recognized for her constant work in devoting much of her time to community work, getting involved with educational, environmental and cultural programs that have an impact on vulnerable communities, minorities and the immigrant population. This social commitment has an important meaning to her that goes beyond her philanthropic spirit, considering these actions as a way of thanking a country that has given her everything and that allowed her to change its history.

Posthumous Tribute

The gala could be remembered by a mosaic of emotions that could be felt in the air, it became expressly intimate when theposthumous tributes to four personalities from various fields arrived; one of the greatest tennis players in history, Manolo Santana, which took place without the presence of his wife, Claudia Rodriguez, our heart goes out to her as she respectfully cancelled her attendance because she could not bear the pain that the tribute would entail; celebrating the memory of Ahmed Ashmawi, a close friend of Maria Bravo, was also honored. His mother and brothers attended the event; Olivia Valere, for whom her children and her husband were present, She was an icon of Marbella and a woman with an immense heart, said Maria, and to Giuseppina Filippone of the Da Bruno group, “She was always compassionate and supportive with us, and helped us when we needed it most, said Maria. The posthumous tribute was accompanied by the voices of the children of the Sotogrande Music Academy Choir.

A 3 Michelin Star Dinner

The menu chosen for this year was that of the Zalacaín Restaurant, with 50 years of history and being the first restaurant in Spain to have 3 Michelin stars, the menu created by the Executive Chef of the Hotel Don Pepe, Victor Carracedo together with Chef Iñigo Urrechu represents the values ​​of such a special night, in Carracedo’s words. Dinner was accompanied by wines from the area, Cria Cuervos, Ribera del Duero, Exquisite Proseco and during the night signature cocktails created by Malabusca Gin topped with a special toast made up of the “Casa del Sol” Tequila.

The Auction

The auction was full of works of art such as that of DEMO, the most international Spanish sculptor and POP artist. His sculptures are located in the streets of the main cities of the world. Some emblematic such as the Frog of Fortune in Madrid or the Dove of Peace in Miami.

Mari Roldan, the artist from Malaga who paints her works using money as a support. She started doing it so that her art would travel on tickets from hand to hand, and now she is the one who travels to exhibitions, fairs, and collections with her work. She paints in limited series, on legal tender bills from all countries. She is inspired by the classics and contemporaries: Sorolla, Monet, Hooper, Warhol, Kaws etc., but also her own creations.

Baldo Limón presented his SOLO brochure. A painting by Limón is a true work of art. It combines techniques and references from urban art, photography and collage. A perfect mix between the conceptual and the decorative

The Cold Play Experience by Outlyer Entertainment kindly donated by Emmanuel Kelly. Music of the Spheres World Tour at Wembley Stadium London.

The Pacaso Homes Experience was proud to offer The Global Gift Gala attendees the change to buy at auction a unique holiday home Experience of one week.

Olga Sharipo art: Olga Sharipo, the girl painter who suffers from a facial macrocystic vascular malformation, better known as lymphagioma, donated one of her paintings called Coral Reef.

Partners and sponsors

Partners and Sponsors like Woonkly.com, the 1st decentralized metasocial network of solidarity NFTs in the world, created and founded by the Technological Entrepreneur, influencer and philanthropist, Daniel Santos, joined forces with the Global Gift Foundation and Maupy Worldwide, the talent platform that aims to create synergies where they will join efforts to support social causes.

This Gala had the incredible support of eGoW3rld, a company led by Alejandro Sáez, focused on the evolution of companies from web2 to web3, partnered with a high philanthropic vision. This technologythe new generation of the Internet brings new opportunities to everyone thanks to the decentralized web- it is based on Blockchain and certifies the traceability of all operations with transparency.

Casanis Group’s restaurant Mamzel, enters for the second consecutive year as sponsor of The Global Gift Gala, redefining the concept of Variety Show, where the cuisine of the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Casanis Group, Fabián Cangas and the entertainment, allows a select clientele to socialize, celebrate and impress the eyes and taste every night in the most sophisticated atmosphere in Marbella.

Pacaso, the leading real estate platform that helps people buy and co-own a second home.

The Hotel Don Pepe, Gran Meliá, sponsor of the event for the last 10 years, redefines the concept of exclusivity and enjoys an unbeatable location on the Costa del Sol. The hotel allows you to discover a unique side of Marbella, in an exclusive setting surrounded by dream gardens, and at mere steps from the sea.

The Spanish luxury society, Luxury Spain, has also been part of the gala for many years, promoting products, brands and services that represent ¨Spanish excellence”. Its objective is to be an active partner for national and international companies operating in Spain, acting as a reference point for the luxury industry.

Audi Safamotor, the Official Audi Dealer in Malaga since 2017, with more than 2,000 customers caters to its clients at its modern styled facilities located at Av. Velázquez 468, with 5,000 m2 dedicated to the sale new and pre-owned vehicles, as well as car workshops services. With dealerships located in Marbella, Córdoba and El Viso (Málaga), Audi Safamotor, personalizesservices is there to help customers find the car of their dreams.

On this tenth anniversary, the Malaga Provincial Council, joins as sponsors for the second year, through its brand Málaga de Moda – “Original Talent”, created by the provincial institution in order to promote and give exposure to creators, artisans, designers and companies linked to the fashion sector and new technologies.

Maupy Worldwide, the talent agency for events and virtual experiences, international consultants for tailored events, strategy and talent, also sponsorsed this tenth edition together with Nicoe Design, a reform and decoration company that has supported the Global Gift Foundation since its inception.

Power 8, an energy drink that contains up to 60% fewer calories than conventional Energy Drinks. The combination of sugar and caffeine, in its proper measure, improve the efficiency of the brain.

DeLona It is a creative recycling project that consists of transforming materials destined for destruction into valuable objects. Bags made from basketball, football or rugby balls, with top quality leather finishes and straps. Bags made from high-strength advertising canvas, with leather finishes and handles. “Fisherman” hats made from breathable advertising canvas, or bracelets made from pieces of basketballs

Collaborators of the night, including Huda Beauty, Wishful, and Kayali have contributed the to the Gala providing gift bags full of the best makeup, skincare and fragrance, given to each gala attendee. Summed by collaborators such as Prime Properties by Bravo Homes, Meliá Marbella Banús, Outlyer Entertainment, Virginia Florista, Popi, King Peter Vodka – Rives, Bodegas Hispano Suizas and Mahou San Miguel; The Cría Cuervos wine, Ribera del Duero, which, as its motto “Here and now” says, are high-quality wines for all those who want to live life 100%, Proseco Exquisito from the Italian area of ​​Venice, SCAVI & RAY, unparalleled quelite concessions, incomparable freshness and Italian impulsiveness, and the signature cocktails created by Malabusca Gin, as well as the special toast made from “Casa del Sol” Tequila, así como Six Senses, Miu, Transfers & Experiences, Esther Sanchez, MenteLista, Grupo Rachels: Lag om café; milk & Roses; Rachels eco love; 11:11 societé, Onfire, Hatt et Söner Champagne, Carmen Millán, y Bodegas Hispano Suizas.

Last Friday night, The Mamzel Restaurant hosted a group of Global Gifters who attended the gala, providing living a dream evening. Among them were Maria Bravo, Eva Longoria, Pepe Bastón, actor Manuel Rulfo, actress Stephanie Cayo, wrestler Ilia Topuria, and Singer Chenoa.

Eva Longoria picks up Santiago from Casa Angeles

On the same morning of Friday, July 22, Casa Ángeles, the day center for children with special needs that Maria Bravo has created in Marbella, received a visit from Eva Longoria to pick up her son, Santiago Bastón, who had come to the summer campthat Casa Ángeles has carries out for the 2nd consecutive year.

Casa Ángeles is a day center for children with special needs. Located in Marbella, it was born with the aim of improving the quality of life of these children and their families. The house offers the most innovative

About the Global Gift Foundation

The Global Gift Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization whose goal is to create positive change in the development, well-being, health and social inclusion of those most vulnerable. The Foundation provides shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care and other vital necessities to vulnerable groups, particularly children and women in need. Created in 2013 by the actress, entrepreneur and international philanthropist María Bravo and Alina Peralta, the foundation supports projects from different organizations around the world and has recently launched its own, Casa Ángeles, a day center for children with special needs or chronic illnesses and their families located in the city of Marbella.