Among the charitable acts scheduled for the 20th Anniversary of the passing of Diana of Wales

Maria Bravo celebrates the I Global Gift Initiative in Althorp, the family home of Princess Diana of Wales, with her brother Count Spencer, as host of the evening, benefitting “The Diana Award” and “Global Gift Foundation”


  • After Edinburgh, the Global Gift Foundation continues its map of charitable initiatives in Europe with founder Maria Bravo at the helm
  • The initiative took place in the family home of Princess Diana, Althorp House, two hours from London, in the county of Northamptonshire
  • Maria Bravo and Charles Spencer hosted Global Gifters and personalities such as actor Craig McGinlay and Pamela Anderson, who also attended The Global Gift Gala Paris
  • During the meeting, two photographic exhibitions were presented, the first highlighting the work of The Diana Award and the second of the stunning last portraits of Princess Diana taken by Mario Testino There was also an exclusive couture collection of Gyunel which was exhibited in the Picture Gallery
  • The event is part of the international program and common cause that Global Gift Initiative shares with The Diana Award: raising funds to improve the situation and opportunities for children and young people around the world


Althorp, 15th june 2017. Maria Bravo celebrated last night the first Global Gift Initiative at Diana Princess of Wales’ family home Althorp House in Northamptonshire, England. The event was hosted by Earl Spencer, the Princess’s younger brother for a night of philanthropy and inspiration to honour the 20th anniversary of her death in 1997.

Global Gifters worldwide supported the “Walking in her shoes” exhibition and raised funds to benefit the Diana Award and the Global Gift Foundation philanthropic projects. The exhibition includes twenty works that inspired young people who have received help from The Diana Award, highlighting the impact it has had on society and the philanthropic work of the organization. Throughout the evening, there were numerous references to the spirit that characterized Princess Diana and her legacy.

On a magical and emotional night sponsored by Gyunel Couture, María Bravo thanked the initiative of the Global Gift Foundation organized by Earl Spencer and the Diana Award for its success in memory of the Princess of Wales. She said, “It is a great honour to join forces again with this amazing organization that transforms the lives of thousands of young people keeping alive the legacy of Princess Diana and her brother Earl Spencer, commemorating the 20th anniversary of her death and recalling the values that guided her way, kindness, compassion and service to others.”

Among the attendees were several regular Global gifters, including actress and activist Pamela Anderson (who proved once again her commitment to the Global Gift Foundation following her attendance at the Paris Global Gift Gala in May) and actor Craig McGinlay (who is very committed to the foundation and attended the recent Edinburgh Global Gift Gala).

The evening featured a musical programme which included tenors Remigio Pereira Group, accompanied by Michelle Palmer and Sophia Lisovskaya on piano. Also there were gospel singer Lurine Cato and member of the group the Saturdays Vanessa White, bringing a more contemporary feel.

Unpublished photos from Mario Testino

The Global Gift Initiative involves two exhibitions that will last until the end of summer. Althorp House is home to the “Walking in her shoes” exhibition, showing fifteen emblematic and unpublished images of the Princess taken in the summer of 1997 by top photographer Mario Testino. Testino took the photographs for Vanity Fair and they turned out to be the last official portraits of the Princess.

There was a pre-dinner tour of the ninety room Althorp House which included the Saloon (where there is a large portrait of the Princess of Wales) where guests were received, the Holland Suite where a pre-dinner cocktail was served and the Great Hall where the gala dinner was held.

During the event, there was a charity auction that included unpublished pieces from Earl Spencer’s eulogy delivered at his sister Diana’s funeral. In addition, guests could bid for an experience at the Dubai International Film Festival accompanied by Sarah Jessica Parker and an exclusively designed piece of couture from Couture Gyunel, plus other valuables like jewellery.

CEO of the Diana Award Tessa Ojo told attendees “It is an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to celebrate this charity gala with a special exhibition at the home of Princess Diana. We are grateful to Earl Spencer for the continued support of our work. The funds raised at this event will help us to continue the work to improve opportunities for thousands of young people through our programs, including anti-bullying and mentoring.”

The Diana Award was created in memory of the Princess of Wales and pays tribute to her conviction that “young people have the power to change the world.” It has the support of Earl Spencer, who did not hesitate to show his commitment to the organization that bears the name of his sister. “I have always defended the Diana Award, which reflects her love for children and youth and courage in the fight for good causes – a capacity she possessed since childhood.”

Close collaboration since 2014

The event also highlighted the close collaboration between the Diana Award and the Global Gift Foundation since 2014. María Bravo presented the “Premio Global Gift for Excellence” award for the V Edition Global Gift Gala in London for her work on behalf of children and youth. This relationship has been strengthened with different meetings that have involved the valuable presence of Prince William. British authorities had already shown their support for the foundation when, in 2015, María Bravo celebrated the sixteenth anniversary of the Diana Award at No 10 Downing Street.

The two organizations engaged in a common cause, supporting the young through actions that help improve the situation of children around the world.

During the event, a charity auction was held that featured unpublished pieces, such as the Panegyric that Count Spencer delivered at his sister’s funeral. In addition, guests were able to bid on an experience at the Dubai International Film Festival accompanied by Sarah Jessica Parker or the exclusive design of a couture piece by Gyunel Couture, among other valuable items such as jewelry.


About The Diana Award: The Diana Award is the charitable legacy in honor of Diana, the Princess of Wales, who once said; “Young people have the power to change the world.”
The mission of the Diana Award is to foster, develop and inspire positive change in the lives of young people by facilitating and rewarding change through practical action and by celebrating and supporting ongoing change in these young people.
These great achievements are achieved through the practice of the organization’s programs; the Nomination of a Diana Award; Empowering them to deal with all types of intimidation through its “Antibulling” program; Supporting young people at risk of exclusion through volunteering and training; And promoting their social action.
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About Althorp: Althorp has been the historic family home of the Spencer family since its construction in 1508. It is located in the center of a farm of more than 5000 hectares, and is located 75 miles north of London. It is the final resting place of Diana, the Princess of Wales.

About Global Gift Foundation: Global Gift Foundation was created in 2013 by philanthropist, Maria Bravo. The foundation provides shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care to children and women in need, anywhere in the world. The foundation also addresses people at risk of social exclusion, regardless of race, religion, sex and age, as well as funding study programs to find solutions of rare or chronic diseases. Casa Global Gift is the first multifunctional center for children with so-called “rare” or chronic diseases that the foundation is implanting in Marbella. Twitter: @GlobalGiftFound / / Instagram: globalgiftfoundation #GlobalGifters




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