The event by entrepreneur and philanthropist, María Bravo, had actress and director Eva Longoria as Honorary Chair and will benefit Casa Ángeles, a center for children with special needs.

Cannes, May 21, 2024: The prestigious event took place last night, brought to you by the Swedish brand Love Spirit and Sture Vodka, the Presenting Sponsor of this 10th edition. Based in Stockholm, Love Spirit is a model of super premium quality in the spirits and wine industry. Its mission is founded on the principles of excellence and inclusion, creating products that not only have exceptional taste but also bring people together.

The Global Gift Gala was held at La Môme Plage, a venue that invites you to discover the treasures of the Cannes Film Festival, who was the Venue Sponsor. The event received incredible support from APM Monaco, a contemporary fashion jewelry brand embodying the chic style of Monaco and the lifestyle of the South of France, and GT Travel, an organization in the tourism and social activity sector, established with the vision of offering a unique combination of travel experiences that are both fulfilling and socially responsible.

Eva Longoria, María Bravo, Miguel Bosé, Iván Sánchez y Paula Echevarría celebraron The Global Gift Gala con un éxito arrollador.

Our Global Collaborators, Nota Blu New Brasserie and Mamzel at Finca Besaya, joined us on this night of hope and inspiration to help make a difference.

Swedish-born and London-raised entrepreneur Sabinije Von Gaffke served as the Master of Ceremonies alongside the talented Spanish actor Iván Sánchez.

The event´s Chair, María Bravo, once again had the support of actress, director, and activist Eva Longoria, who served as Honorary Chair. Some of the special guests included model and actress Pia Wurtzbach, actress Meryem Uzerli, former professional footballer Zazou Belounis, fashion designer Ali Karoui, French model Amandine Petit, model Baptiste Giabiconi, American singer Dixie D’Amelio, actor Alejandro Nones, social media personality Charli D’Amelio, actress and model Frédérique Bel, among others.

Attendees had the privilege of enjoying performances by talented singers such as Hollywood actress Christina Milian,Reyes Heritage—son and grandson of Nicolás Reyes, the lead singer of the Gipsy Kings—who got everyone dancing with their legendary hits, and Nomcebo Zikode with her iconic “Jerusalema,” captivating everyone with her talent.

Eva Longoria, María Bravo, Miguel Bosé, Iván Sánchez y Paula Echevarría celebraron The Global Gift Gala con un éxito arrollador.

The honoree of the night was the renowned lead singer and founder of the legendary Gipsy Kings, Nicolás Reyes, who received the Global Gift Lifetime Achievement Award. This award honors individuals whose professional careers have made a significant impact as an artistic legacy, highlighting the importance of music as a powerful tool that brings people from different backgrounds together.

Nicolás Reyes, after receiving his award, went up to sing with his son George Reyes, leaving everyone breathless.

The live auction was led by renowned British auctioneer and presenter Jonny Gould, featuring masterpieces by world-famous artists; Richard Orlinski, Jaime Monge, Auguste, Johann Perathoner, and Anna Dogadkina.

World-famous designer Yanina Couture donated a beautiful dress, a work of art, and dressed the stars of the night, Eva Longoria and Maria Bravo.

Lucía Clinic, the aesthetic and dermatology center of Dr. Radmila Lukian, also donated a beauty treatment.

The event also included the following collaborators: Pomerol red wine, Gregory Verlet champagne and Riva who provided the wonderful flowers.

The auction also featured the Presidential Experience, which included attending The Global Gift Gala Marbella with accommodation, flights, and other experiences.

The event will benefit Casa Ángeles, a center for children with special needs, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist María Bravo.

About Love Spirit


Based in Stockholm, LOVE SPIRITTM is a beacon of super-premium quality in the spirits and wine industry. Our mission is founded on the principles of excellence and inclusivity, creating products that not only taste exceptional but also bring people together.


SOLVEIG SOMMARSTRÖM, a luminary in the spirits industry, guarantees the quality of our products. Her expertise, honed with some of the world’s most prestigious spirits brands, elevates every LOVE SPIRITTM product to perfection. Using Swedish winter wheat & crystal-clear spring water, we create excep- tional spirits and wines that are not just bever- ages but experiences.


As a brand, we are aware of our role in the community and the environment. We use our marketing resources as a positive force, spon- soring events that promote inclusivity and capture global attention. Our commitment goes beyond the bottle, contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable world.


Our spirits, derived from the finest Swedish wheat and purest water, reflect the pristine landscape of Sweden. Our dedication to quality is also reflected in our wines, carefully selected from the renowned and award-winning region of Torres Vedras in Portugal.

Discover LOVE SPIRITTM – where quality, craftsmanship, and a love for creating memories converge.

About APM Monaco

The jewelry brand offers a shopping experience that appeals to all five senses, characterized by care, emotion, and high-end quality. APM jewelry embodies elegance. APM is Monaco, synonymous with sophistication, savoir-vivre, and luxury. APM jewelry is fashion. APM represents urban style, runways, trends, and art. APM reflects the joy of the south of France—a lifestyle marked by positivity, hospitality, simplicity, and kindness. APM is elegance, fashion, and joy, values that are evident in its creation, production, communication, distribution, and in the relationships, it maintains with its internal teams and APM enthusiasts worldwide.

About GT Travel

GT Travel is an organisation in the realm of tourism and social activity, established with a vision to offer a unique blend of travel experiences that are both fulfilling and socially responsible.

At GT Travel, our mission is to redefine the essence of travel. We are committed to crafting journeys that transcend mere exploration, instilling a profound sense of global citizenship and environmental stewardship. Our bespoke travel experiences are thoughtfully designed to immerse our clientele in the rich tapestry of diverse cultures and natural wonders, fostering deep connections and understanding.

Our vision at GT Travel is to be at the forefront of socially responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism. We envisage a world where travel is not only a path to personal discovery and enjoyment but also a powerful catalyst for social change and environmental conservation. By leading with innovation, empathy, and a relentless commitment to our core values, we aim to inspire a new generation of travellers who are as passionate about making a positive impact as they are about exploring the world.

GT Travel is nurturing a global community of enlightened travellers who recognise their role in shaping a better, more understanding, and sustainable world for future generations.


About Mamzel at Finca Besaya

Mamzel, this iconic restaurant serves as a meeting point for celebrities. Apart from the variety of flavors that will linger in your memory after tasting their delicious dishes, you’ll be treated to a dinner show filled with surprises. The audience will embark on a musical journey through stages of the past, present, and future, leaving you breathless.

About Nota Blu New Brasserie

It’s the perfect place to indulge in traditional French cuisine with avant-garde touches in an international, timeless, and elegant setting—an exclusive and unique experience in Marbella.

About Casa Ángeles

Casa Ángeles is a day center for children and young people with special needs located in Marbella. Founded by Maria Bravo, its main objective is to improve the quality of life for these children through therapies, workshops, and leisure programs designed to promote social inclusion. The center features modern facilities and highly trained staff to provide a safe and stimulating environment. Casa Ángeles is distinguished by offering individualized therapies tailored to the needs of each child, as well as promoting participation in group activities and collaborative projects to drive social integration.

About The Global Gift Gala

The Global Gift Gala is the flagship event of the Global Gift Foundation and one of the world’s most significant charitable initiatives. Originally created by entrepreneurs Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta, it brings together the worlds of business, celebrities, and philanthropy to raise funds and awareness, making a substantial difference in the lives of countless children and women worldwide.

About Global Gift Foundation

The Global Gift Foundation is an international charity organization dedicated to improving the lives of the most vulnerable, especially children, women, and families in situations of vulnerability. Through its work, the foundation collaborates with social projects and charitable organizations in areas such as health, education, social inclusion, and empowerment. The Global Gift Foundation hosts exclusive charity events worldwide to raise funds and awareness for the causes it supports.