Helmer is considered one of the most exclusive and exciting brands focused on creating vibrant exotic skin bags through simple and elegant design. These beautiful bags are all made with python skin creating a soft and unique look.

Celebrities such as Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Millie Mackintosh and Pandora Skyes love these bags as well.


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Helmer was the brainchild of an organic and synergistic collaboration with a mother and two siblings. Danielle, one of the sister, is a graduate of Parsons School of Fashion in Paris; Shevanne had her own woman’s line for many years and worked in fashion all her career; and I recently graduated from law school and came up with the idea of basing the brand around our family life and values. Danielle and I grew up in a family that was, and still, is extremely close-knit and that travelled constantly. So they translated this into the Helmer brand. We started Helmer in order to satisfy our need of finding a chic and, very importantly, lightweight bag to bring on one’s travel. We were searching for a bag that was ‘easy’ in every sense; easy to wear, easy to stuff all of our everyday essentials in, easy to transition from day to night, and easy to carry. They are each inspired from our own experiences and from our difference.

A collection so far has been inspired by our first visit to Bali where we fell in love with the Balinese culture and their rich and beautiful arts and craft tradition. We have integrated these elements into our bags.

From our multi-cultural heritage that spans Norway, Jamaica, America and France, the fusion of our family´s backgrounds is dynamic and inspiring.

We have spent the majority of our lives in France, a country where our hearts lie, however they now live across three continents and despite living in different cities, remain unified and close-knit with a singular vision for the Helmer Brand.

The HELMER brand is inspired and influenced by various cultures and constant search of cultural novelty is the comers tone for creating a handbag and accessory collection that would embrace craftsmanship, whilst offering a perfect balance between style, functionality, practicality and a fashionable insight into various cultures. Our accessories can accompany you on your own travels, whether it is across mountains and oceans, or simply around the corner.

During one of our most memorable trips, we fell in love with Bali and its people. From its nature to its rich cultural tradition. The island captured our soul and we were instantly inspired to create our first handbag collection. We quickly realized that Bali is populated with beautiful, talented & creative people with a great work ethic and these are the foundations upon which we wanted to build our business.

Special Collaboration Our first collection focuses on simple pieces with a variety of beautiful colours, using exotic skins and traditional Batik material.  Shevanne, Michelle and Danielle Helmer, Founders of Helmer. Our Collections are carefully created in Bali by local family-run artisans that have been creating hand bags for generations. These skilled artisans are the foundation of our business and we are committed to promoting & helping our partner’s businesses to grow successfully.

We regard ourselves simply as creative intermediaries bringing beautiful and unique pieces to our customers from our travels around the world. In keeping our respect for the culture and traditions of Bali, and the world in which we live, we also endeavour to follow the guidelines and their environment. All our snakeskin products are CITIES certified, an international certification whose goal is to ensure that the international trade in certain specimens of wild animal and plants does not threaten their survival.