• Co-founder María Bravo handed over the three cheques to the corresponding benefitting foundations, The Eva Longoria Foundation, Fundación Bertín Osborne from the latest Global Gift Philanthropic Weekend held on the 5th of July this year in her home town of Marbella.
  • During the presentation of the cheques, a special cheque of €10.000 was handed over the Fundación Isabel Gemio who is dedicated to the investigation of rare diseases.
  • A third set of cheques to the value of €10.000 were handed over to Fundación Ana Carolina Díez Mahou, Fundación Juegaterapia and Fundación Numen who were selected from the National call to ONGS that needed financing that took place in April of this year. This initiative was a joint collaboration with the weekly magazine; Semana.

July 30 2015, Madrid.- Global Gift Foundation has donated a total of €95.000 raised by two activities run in Spain in 2015: ‘Global Gift Philanthropic Weekend Marbella 2015’ and “Help us make their dreams come true” Campaign run in collaboration with Semana Magazine.

Bertín Osborne, Fabiola Martínez and Isabel Gemio attended the act, as well as one of the Global Gift Founders, María Bravo who personally handed over the donations.

The events that took place on the 4th and 5th of July – III Global Gift Charity Golf Tournament, La Soirée and The Global Gift Gala benefitted The Eva Longoria Foundation, Fundación Bertín Osborne and Global Gift Foundation. Founder Maria Bravo considers, It’s an honor that Global Gift Foundation can support projects that change lives of the ones who most need it, in this cases The Eva Longoria Foundation and Fundación Bertín Osborne, who not only receive a donation but who receive worldwide coverage about the work of their organizations creating much needed awareness”.

Bertín Osborne, next to his wife, Fabiola Martínez, received €25.000 designated to the foundation they both represent: “The main objective of our foundation is to help parents whose children have cerebral palsy. This donation helps us to continue with our orientation workshops and psychological treatments. The aim is to try and help parents deal with the complicated situation with which they are faced and that they don’t feel so alone or lost and above all, that they learn what they can do provide the best quality of life for their children” stated Bertín Osborne.

Global Gift Foundation will continue for another consecutive year with their social promise with Marbella, where they will assign their €25.000 raised to the development of a new Project, ‘Global Gift House’ where there will be another five local associations cooperating: ADISOL (Diabetic  Association ‘La Costa del Sol’); Bubbles and Dreams Association; CADI (Childish diversity attention center); Adahimar (TDAH Association and maturing delay Marbella and San Pedro) and the local Association against cystic fibrosis from Malaga.

Alina and I, have a special motivation to raise this money because it is going back to the people of the Costa del Sol. Five associations will benefit from the Global Gift House project along with a number of other individuals that we will be able to assist. We are currently working with the Town Hall of Marbella to secure a space that we will convert into a multifunctional space that will help children receive treatments they otherwise wouldn’t be able to for lack of treatment centres. Soon this project will become a reality” states Maria Bravo.

The €25.000 raised for The Eva Longoria Foundation will be used to intensify entrepreneurship programs and micro credits delivered to Latin women in the USA.

During this act, María Bravo on behalf of Global Gift Foundation, handed over 10.000€ to Fundación Isabel Gemio who investigates neuromuscular diseases, muscular dystrophy and other rare diseases “We need to warn the people about the urgency of investigating these degenerative and rare diseases which are the last stones in the line. Thanks to the funds raised by Global Gift Foundation we can take another step and continue to support those who are going through such a hard situation”, said Isabel Gemio, rewarded with ‘The Global Gift Humanitarian Award’ last year.

Bettering the quality of life of children in need

In this solidarity meeting, three foundations dedicated to children that were selected in the first campaign of four campaigns launched by Global Gift Foundation and Semana, received cheques totaling €10,000. This money will be used to launch and continue where necessary projects that these organizations presented. “Every little helps to allow these children to enjoy their childhood and face treatments with strength. We don’t want them to lose their innocence at that age because of what they are suffering.” said Bravo

Fundación Ana Carolina Díez Mahou, represented by its director, Javier Pérez Mínguez will use funds raised for the development of ‘María de Villota’s project, a project which helps improve the lives of children with genetic neuromuscular diseases through rehabilitation. Fundación Juegaterapia’s CEO Valle Salles Cámara collected the donation in benefit of ‘El jardín de mi hospi’ project, in which children with cancer will be able to enjoy a green space to play during their time in hospital. By the other side, Concha Verretera, Fundación NUMEN’s CEO received her donation for her ‘Como PC’s en el agua’ project, which will develop their hydrotherapies therapy to improve kid’s health with cerebral palsy and others.

During 2015 there will be three new campaigns developed, joined to projects for investigating rare diseases, the elderly, and helping welfare dining rooms.

About Global Gift Foundation

Global Gift Foundation is a philanthropic nonprofit organization whose main objective is to create a positive impact in women, children and family’s lifestyle who live in a situation of need. Founded in 2013 by Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta’s hand it is them two who personally compromise making sure donations collected by the foundation are sent to associations foundations and ONG’s fiscally responsible. Global Gifters support and benefited organizations allow to get a bigger social transformation impact.


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