The Global Gift Gala in its 10th edition is accompanied by Hollywood actors, singers, artists, and philanthropists.

Thursday, July 8, 2022: yesterday morning, the presentation of the Global Gift Gala on its tenth anniversary was held at the ERRE Restaurant of the Gran Meliá Hotel Don Pepe. For this important occasion, the Global Sponsor of the event, Woonkly, through his lawyer, Juan Alberto Ortiz Gil, the Councilor for Social Rights, Equality and Diversity of the Marbella City Council, Isabel Cintado, the Deputy of the delegation for Sustainable Economic Development and the Employment and Training delegation, Maria Esperanza González Pazos, from the Diputación de Málaga, the director of Hotel Don Pepe, Rocío Galán Pérez, the director of Casanis Group René Schäfer, the founder of eGow3rld, Alejandro Sáez , and the founder of the Global Gift Foundation, Maria Bravo, all with a common message to present The Global Gift Gala Marbella.

The gala that will take place on Saturday, July 23, will take place at the Hotel Don Pepe. The international charity gala will have the support for yet another year of the Hollywood actress, director and activist, Eva Longoria, as well as the actor Manuel Rulfo, best known for the series El Abogado del Lincoln, among others, or the award-winning Domingo Zapata and Ambassador Julissa Reynoso. Maria Bravo has also said that she will pay a posthumous tribute to the deceased Giuseppina Filippone of Da Bruno restaurant, Ahmed Ashmawi and Olivia Valere; Giuseppina was a very supportive woman, she always helped us. Ahmed has been a great friend all his life and Olivia Valere an icon of Marbella. I want them to have a well-deserved tribute, said Maria.

On this tenth anniversary, the Diputación de Málaga joins as sponsors for the second year, through its brand Málaga de Moda – “Original Talent”, a seal created by the provincial institution in order to promote and make known the creators, artisans, designers and companies linked to the fashion sector and new technologies. Wonnkly also joins, the 1st decentralized metasocial network of NFTs in the world, which combines efforts to support social causes through blockchain technology. Casanis Group’s Mamzel restaurant, enters for the second consecutive year as sponsor of the Global Gift Gala, redefining the concept of Variety Show, where the cuisine of the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Casanis Group, Fabián Cangas and the entertainment, allows a select clientele to socialize, celebrate and delight the eyes and taste every night in the most sophisticated atmosphere in Marbella. The Don Pepe hotel, Gran Meliá’s sponsor of the event for the last 10 years, redefines the concept of exclusivity and enjoys an unbeatable location on the Costa del Sol. The hotel allows you to discover a unique facet of Marbella, in a privileged setting surrounded by dream gardens, a few meters from the sea. The Spanish Luxury Society, Luxury Spain, has also been part of the gala for years, promoting products, brands and services that represent “excellence”. Its objective is to be an active partner for national and international companies operating in Spain, acting as a reference lobby for the luxury industry. For its part, eGow3rld, Partner of the Global Gift Foundation and Inspiration Sponsor, is a Web3 company founded by Alejandro Sáez, which explores great ideas in identity, property, utility and interoperability to promote the cryptographic and NFT space.

Maria Bravo thanked the Marbella Town Hall through Isabel Cintado, for everything she has done to make Casa Ángeles a reality. Maria also spoke of Marbella as a magical place, where tourists find her second home thanks to the kindness that characterizes us. She thanked Don Pepe for these 10 years, where she claims to feel at home. To Mamzel and the Diputación de Málaga for these two years of sponsorship, to Woonkly for being the Global Sponsor and Presenting Sponsor, and to eGow3rld for his commitment to Global Gift, in addition to being partner of the Global Gift Foundation, has become an Inspiration Sponsor. Isabel Cintado declared: We want to thank you, Maria, on behalf of the town hall and on my own behalf, for the work, effort and enthusiasm you have put into these ten years so that Marbella hosts one of the most important projects in our city in relation to boys and girls with special needs. Casa Ángeles is a reference in Installations, some of them in our country. Congratulations for this magnificent work and for choosing Marbella. Rocio Galán said: What better return to normality than hosting The Global Gift Gala. We use 250 employees for each gala, even people who are early retired come that day to contribute their grain of sand by participating in such a special night. 

The menu chosen for this year, as confirmed by Chef Victor Carracedo of the Hotel Don Pepe, will be the menu of the Zalacaín Restaurant, with 50 years of history and being the first restaurant in Spain to have 3 Michelin stars, a menu that he will create together with the Chef Iñigo Urrechu “who represents the values ​​of such a special night.” The councilor of the Diputación de Málaga, Esperanza González Pazo, thanked Maria for the necessary work and said that Málaga de Moda is very proud to sponsor the event for the 2nd consecutive year. Juan Alberto Ortiz Gil, Woonkly’s lawyer, has said that the founder of Woonkly, Daniel Santos, always opted for social goals like the one carried out by Maria with her foundation, and that they are very proud to have invested in Global Gift Foundation. Lastly, René Schäfer from Casanis Group said that the owner of Mamzel is an ambassador for Human Rights, so he hopes that his alliance with Global Gift will last for many years.

About the Global Gift Foundation:

Global Gift Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization whose goal is to create positive change in the development, well-being, health and social inclusion of the most vulnerable. The Foundation provides shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care and other vital necessities to vulnerable groups, particularly children and women in need. Created in 2013 by the actress, businesswoman and international philanthropist María Bravo, the foundation supports projects from different organizations around the world and has recently launched its own, Casa Ángeles, a day center for children with special needs or chronic illnesses and their families. which is located in the city of Marbella.