The new urban space between El Cid and Goya streets was named in honor of the founder and director of the Global Gift Foundation.

The mayor of Estepona accompanied María Bravo, along with other personalities, who were friends with the award winner, in an act, that consumed emotion and gratitude.

Surrounded by personalities of all kinds and by a large number of residents of Estepona, María Bravo received yesterday the tribute that so many years dedicated to promoting a positive change in the lives of others have caused; the naming in his honor of the new urban space of Estepona; The Plaza María Bravo.

The opening of Casa Ángeles last July has greatly improved the social coverage of the city and is the first safe and functional space for the development and care of children with special needs.

Estepona homenajea a María Bravo por una vida dedicada a mejorar la de los demás.

The afternoon began with the visit of the mayor of Marbella Mª Ángeles Muñoz to Cása Ángeles where María Bravo was located, as well as the actor Amaury Nolsaco and the painter Sacha Jafri. During a room tour, the mayor was able to convince himself first-hand of some children whose families are looking for a safe place and focused on the development of their children.

Estepona homenajea a María Bravo por una vida dedicada a mejorar la de los demás.

Later, the event took place in Estepona; between Goya and El Cid streets, in which the discovery of the María Bravo plaque was carried out. The moment was very intense thanks to the emotion of those present who have seen both, their work and results recognized.

All that palpable positivity and joy in the environment were unable to contain Maria’s emotion as she walked the streets of her childhood. “I was born in Malaga because there was no hospital here, but I grew up here, in these streets, I went to school right behind there, and I remember perfectly running through these streets with my sister and my friends.”

Estepona homenajea a María Bravo por una vida dedicada a mejorar la de los demás.

The mayor of Estepona also wanted to recognize her work by stating “The city that saw you grow shows in this act its satisfaction for the effort you are making to help the most vulnerable”.

“A collaboration between the public and the private is imperative when it comes to encompassing and executing all the processes necessary for the development of Malaga” declared María Bravo in relation to the agreement of the Global Gift Foundation for the Malaga Fashion project supported by the Diputación de Málaga. This agreement, which is expected to last each year, will allow us to join forces in order to promote and develop both fashion and professionals in the area.