• 250 guests have enjoyed a Gala in which the main act has been the celebration and the joy of the evening.

  • 4 performances, 4 winners and more than 30 accredited media present are some of the figures that this Gala reaches, which marks a new solidarity scale.

  • All of the revenue will go entirely to the different foundations supported by Global Gift Foundation.

  • Juan Manuel Barrientos collected the “Global Gift Philantropist Award”, and Barry Skolnik received the “Global Gift Philanthropist Award”.

  • Beatriz de Orleans was awarded the “Women Empowerment Award”.

“Doing good, helping others, giving to those who need it … for us there is nothing more important and besides thanking all of you who are here and our magnificent team, I also wanted to tell you that we still have a lot left and better to do “

María Bravo, president of “The Global Gift Foundation” and host of “The Global Gift Gala,” declared during the opening speech.

“Beatriz, you are one of the best travel companions one can have. 8 years with us demonstrate that and much more your commitment. Today, there is no one who deserves this award more than you” – referencing Beatriz de Orleans, President of Luxury Spain, awarded the “Women Empowerment Award”

The Global Gift Gala Marbella

Marbella, August 26. The 9th edition of the Global Gift Gala has been successful in reaffirming this event‘s social, cultural and solidary importance. From 8:00 p.m. Marbella Arena was the setting in which great philanthropists such as Barry Skolnik, internationally renowned artists such as Amaury Nolasco, successful businessmen such as Carlos de Quinto and promising entrepreneurs, in particular Alejandro Sáez, and politicians such as the Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, or Begoña Rueda, Councilor for Social Policy, to Ana García Segundo, Miss World 2020 have enjoyed a unique evening full of surprises with a single objective: solidarity with those who need it most.

The Global Gift Gala Marbella

250 guests have enjoyed performances by Tallia Storm, who was discovered by Elton John, who presented an unreleased single during “The Global Gift Gala”, as well as performances by Lorena Medina, Angélica de la Riva, The Vintage Experience and the award-winning multidisciplinary artist Gary Dourden.

The Global Gift Gala Marbella

Marbella Arena has been the place where María Bravo and the Global Gift Foundation have brought together some of the personalities and entities most committed to the foundation, such as Málaga de Moda “Talento Original” Diputación de Málaga; eGoGames; Mamzel Marbella; La Plage Casanis; Pretty Woman Cava; Sacha Jafri; Maupy Worldwide; Nicoe Design; Art and Hope; Ikonick Gallery; Barry Skolnick; Juan Manuel Barrientos; El Cielo Restaurant; Luxury Spain; La Roc Restaurant; On Fire; Hotel Don Pepe; Marbella Arena; GNP Productions; Melia Marbella Banus; Hatt et Söner Champagne; Bee Immune; Power 8; Infinit Energy; Mente Lista; Crambo; Alabardero; Casanis y colaboradores como Gem Scents Candles; Alquiler Crambo; Caravaca; Iberconseil; Galera; Juan Carlos Maldonado; ERRE & Urrechu; Richlist; Rosas Café Marbella; Esther Sanz; RD Premium Drinks; Zenith Art and Fashion; Transfers and Experiences; Lux 5 Fold; Velas de la Ballena; Mont Blanc; Almundat; Vino Cría Cuervos; Hispano Suiza; Anaconda Wild Natural Snacks; Milk and Roses; Brokinez; E fuerza y emocion Gourmet Business; Asia Gardens; Six Senses; Flores de Queso; World Network Group; Axaa; One more; Irene Bozza Jewelry; all of them fundamental pieces when launching an event of such magnitude.

The Marbella-based technology company eGoGames has been a proud participant in the gala through its management team made up of Alejandro Sáez and Baldomero Sánchez, demonstrating through their emotional words their firm intention of turning something as innocuous as playing a mobile video game to the possible future of contributing to solidarity causes without individual cost.

The Global Gift Gala Marbella

Juanito, the child painter, has been able to fulfill his dream of speaking and photographing himself with his idol Sacha Jafri; Juanito spent the whole summer studying English to be able to have a conversation with Sacha Jafri. Tonight his dream has come true. 

Art & Hope along with the Global Gift Foundation have partnered with Sacha Jafri, Ikonick Gallery, and Hatt et Söner to create Sacha Jafri’s project “Power in the Reconnected World”. A limited edition of 100 boxes worldwide. 100 bottles of vintage Hatt et Söner champagne from an exclusive collection for this alliance. The Ikonick jewel; Ikonick Gallery and Barry Skolnick in collaboration with Sacha Jafri have created this unique collection of silver pieces encrusted with semi-precious stones.

It is worth highlighting the fundamental and ever-present collaboration of the Diputación de Málaga which, in addition to being the main sponsor of the event, has reached an agreement with the Global Gift Foundation for the promotion of “Málaga de Moda”; the project that aims to raise the value of both the settled and the new talents of the world of fashion in the province.

The Global Gift Gala Marbella

“Congratulations everyone, this place feels magical. Thanks to my Global Gift family; you have done a magnificent job. It is an honor to collaborate with you again, I have seen what you have done so far in places as far away as Vietnam and your passion shows me that we still have much to be excited for.

Declared the international singer and host of “The Global Gift Gala”, Luis Fonsi

About Global Gift Foundation:

The  Global Gift Foundation creates a positive change in the development, well-being, health and social inclusion of the most vulnerable. The Foundation helps provide shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, and other survival needs for groups at risk of social exclusion. The Foundation supports the empowerment of women and advocates for gender equality, education and professional development. The Global Gift Foundation also supports other nonprofit and fiscally responsible associations and organizations in need of help around the world. 

Casa Ángeles  is the first day center for children with special needs that the foundation has implemented in Marbella.