A day center for children with special needs founded by Maria Bravo.

Marbella, June 23, 2023: Last night, an exciting private opening of La Roc took place, an innovative restaurant and club for dining, drinking, and enjoying breathtaking live performances. La Roc is located in the heart of Estepona’s Marina, and it is owned by entrepreneurs René Mohs, David Anguix, Avinash Rupani, and Cecilia Lajarge. The event was attended by prominent personalities, including actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Maria Bravo, founder of Casa Angeles, and the honorable mayor of Estepona, Don Jose Maria Garcia Urbano. This exclusive event marks the beginning of a new era in the local gastronomic scene.

La Roc is not just a place to enjoy excellent food and live entertainment; it is also a meeting point for those who want to make a difference. The partners of La Roc have decided to join the cause marketing campaign of the Global Gift Foundation by donating €1 from each diner’s bill to Casa Angeles, a renowned day center for children and young people with special needs.

Casa Angeles, recognized for its tireless humanitarian work, provides a safe and enriching environment where children and young people can receive the care, support, and necessary therapies for their development. Thanks to the generosity of La Rocand its diners, Casa Angeles will be able to expand its reach and continue providing vital services and programs for those who need them most.

La Roc, a new restaurant, opens its doors in Estepona, supporting Casa Angeles

The grand opening of La Roc will take place on Saturday, June 24, and is expected to be an unforgettable event. This will be the perfect opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate La Roc’s commitment to social responsibility and support for Casa Angeles. During the opening, attendees will be able to enjoy an exceptional culinary experience, live performances, and the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause.

“This establishment is a very special place because it allows you to enjoy yourself while doing good at the same time. With each drink or meal you consume, a small portion will be donated to Casa Angeles. María Bravo is an extraordinary person, whose generosity knows no limits. With very little, she accomplishes great things. Her commitment to our community is exemplary, and her tireless work in promoting charitable causes and supporting those in need is admirable,” stated Don José María García Urbano.

“I am deeply grateful for the generous donation from the partners of La Roc through our Cause Marketing,” expresses Maria Bravo. “Their commitment to Casa Angeles is truly inspiring.”

“At La Roc, we are not only passionate about offering an exceptional gastronomic experience but also making a significant difference in the lives of others,” says La Roc’s director, René Mohs. “We are delighted to have had the presence of Maria Bravo, founder of Casa Angeles, and the honorable mayor of Estepona, Don Jose Maria Garcia Urbano, at our private opening. We hope that Saturday’s grand opening will be a success and that together we can make a difference in the lives of children and young people with special needs.”

The opening of La Roc is an important milestone for our community, as it merges a passion for gastronomy with a strong social commitment. With an elegant and modern atmosphere, an exquisite selection of dishes, and a variety of live performances, La Roc positions itself as the perfect destination for those seeking to enjoy a unique culinary experience while contributing to a meaningful cause.

La Roc, a new restaurant, opens its doors in Estepona, supporting Casa Angeles

About La Roc

La Roc was born in February 2022, from the very beginning, its owners René Mohs, David Anguix, Avinash Rupani, and Cecilia Lajarge wanted to create much more than just a restaurant or club. They started by creating an architectural attraction on the facade that would captivate the imagination, an impressive facade that transforms and radiates with multicolored tones, synchronizing with the energy of the sun.

The menu at La Roc is a harmonious combination of carefully crafted Mediterranean fusion dishes, designed to delight your taste buds and take you on a symphony of flavors as talented chefs combine the finest ingredients with innovative techniques, creating a unique culinary experience.

As the director of La Roc, René Mohs takes pride in offering a complete sensory experience. In an elegant and modern ambiance, with the vibrant rhythm of commercial electronic music, talented artists and performers bring the stage to life every day, with a live show that will take your breath away.

On Sundays, after lunch, on the terrace, you can immerse yourself in the stunning views of Gibraltar while enjoying live music and a captivating show.

But that’s not all. La Roc provides accessibility for people with physical disabilities. This commitment led to the creation of a three-stop elevator, ensuring that EVERYONE could enjoy the experience they had envisioned.

This project is a testament to the partners’ dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and embracing the spirit of Estepona.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, where creativity, innovation, and accessibility converge to redefine the landscape of the most extraordinary gastronomy and entertainment on the coast.

About Casa Angeles

Casa Ángeles is a day center for children and young people with special needs located in Marbella. Founded by Maria Bravo, its main objective is to improve the quality of life for these children through therapies, workshops, and recreational programs designed to promote social inclusion. The center features modern facilities and highly trained staff to provide a safe and stimulating environment. Casa Ángeles stands out for offering individualized therapies tailored to the needs of each child, as well as promoting participation in group activities and collaborative projects to foster social integration.