Maria Bravo, co-founder of the Global Gift Foundation, attends The Diana Award foundation anniversary at number 10 Downing Street

Global Gift Foundation and The Diana Award, supported by the UK government, reaffirm their commitment to the youth

  • María Bravo was invited to the 16th Anniversary of The Diana Award Foundation, which took place at 10 Downing Street.
  • Rob Wilson, Minister for Civil Society, praised on behalf of Prime Minister David Cameron, the Global Gift Foundation’s work achieved around the world, particularly efforts made in recent years in the UK, the same Prince William commended the work last 22nd September in a meeting with the co-founder.
  • During her trip to London, Maria Bravo took the opportunity to finalize some details of the sixth edition of the Global Gift Gala which will be held on November 30th in the British capital. The funds raised during the Gala will benefit the Diana Award Foundation, The Eva Longoria Foundation and the Global Gift Foundation.

London, 28th October, 2015. – The co-founder of Global Gift, María Bravo, was the guest of honor at the 16th Anniversary of The Diana Award Foundation, which took place at 10 Downing Street. The British Prime Minister David Cameron decided to host the event in the emblematic building, and praised the work of both Foundations through its Minister Rob Wilson, as he had a last minute formal commitment that prevented him from being present at the celebration.

Ms. Bravo took advantage of the occasion to detail Minister Rob Wilson, the philanthropic work that the Foundation carries out worldwide, with special focus on projects aimed at helping young people in the UK. During the meeting, Maria Bravo also reaffirmed their commitment to collaborate with the Diana Award and recognized the important work being done on this foundation as important as the childhood area.

In the words of Maria Bravo, “t is a real honor to know that the British Government knows every detail of our work. The truth is that I felt overwhelmed by so many votes of confidence. It’s amazing how much they value us in this country”.

Meanwhile, Rob Wilson, Minister for Civil Society commented that “the Prime Minister Cameron is looking forward to meeting in person Maria Bravo and congratulate face to face, and reiterated his apology for being unable to be present today at this important event.”

Therefore, the CEO of The Diana Award Foundation, Tessy Ojo, revealed during the ceremony that “we want to invite Maria Bravo as an honorary spokesperson for our anniversary celebration in 2016, which will take place at number 10 Downing Street, where we will be received by our patron, Prime Minister David Cameron “. The Diana Award is one of the beneficiary institutions of the sixth edition of the Global Gift Gala in London, details of which have been closed during the journey of Maria Bravo to the capital.

Just a few weeks ago, Maria Bravo together with Prince William attended an event organized by the foundation in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, in which the Duke of Cambridge confirmed their willingness to participate in the VII Global Gift Gala Edition London in 2016.

Commitment to youth
The Diana Award was established in memory of the Princess of Wales and pays tribute to her belief that “young people have the power to improve the world.” It has the support of the two sons of Diana, honoring the legacy of his mother through a mission: to inspire and recognize the social actions of the young. The foundation works, among other areas, in the fight against bullying and this year celebrates its 16th anniversary.

The relationship between the Global Gift Foundation and The Diana Award dates back to 2014, year in which the British institution received the ‘Global Gift Award for Excellence’ for its work on behalf of children and youth. In this 2015 Gala, The Diana Award is one of three recipients of donations. “We are deeply grateful to Eva Longoria and Maria Bravo for choosing us as beneficiaries of this great event. For us it is a real honor”, said Tessy Ojo, CEO of the foundation.

The VI Global Gift Gala Edition, London
The Global Gift Gala on 30th November will be held to benefit the Eva Longoria Foundation, the Diana Award Foundation and the Global Gift Foundation and its awards to recognize the philanthropic work of the model Katie Piper Foundation and Mothers2Mothers.

The Global Gift Foundation will present the ‘Global Gift Humanitarian Award’ to the model Katie Piper for the work of Katie Piper Foundation, created a year after passing more than 30 surgeries since her former boyfriend’s disfigured her face with acid sulfuric in 2008. His work focuses on the campaign “Have a scar means not having a day off to bet on a world where the scars do not limit a person’s training, social inclusion and a sense of wellbeing”.

The Mothers2Mothers Foundation will receive the ‘Global Gift Our Heroes Award’ which awards the people who are an example of participation and commitment, achieving a significant change in the lives of others. This NGO currently works with great effort to eradicate HIV transmission from mother to child in eight African countries. On 30th November, the Four Seasons Park Lane will again be the setting for ‘The Global Gift Gala London’ in which the actress, director and activist, Eva Longoria, will serve as honorary chair. This edition 2015 will be presented by BBC Radio DJ Sarah Jane Crawford and will offer the benefit performance of international artists such as Anastacia, Ronan Keating, Descemer Bueno and Union J.

It will also have the performance of the Spanish magician Antonio Díaz, known as Mago Pop, and The Glitter Beats’ are responsible for the After Party dance.

About the Global Gift Foundation
The Global Gift Foundation is a philanthropic nonprofit organization that aims to create a positive impact on the lives of children, women and families who are in need. Founded in 2013 by Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta, which are personally committed to donate entirely the funds collected by the foundation to associations, foundations and NGOs fiscally responsible. The support of the Global Gifters, global ambassadors, and recipient organizations can achieve greater impact of social transformation. Since the first Global Gift Gala in Marbella, they have been allocated over 140,000 € for charitable projects of Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara in Spain.


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