With Maria Bravo, Eva Longoria, Lara Fabian, Kendji Girac, Christina Milian, Paula Pérez, Mireia Lalaguna, Heidi Lushtaku, or Jamel Debbouze among many other personalities.

Paris, October 2, 2023: In a dazzling night of glamor and solidarity, the 11th Global Gift Gala Paris shined on Saturday with the presentation of prestigious awards and the participation of renowned personalities. The event, held on September 30 at the iconic Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, was chaired by the founder of the Global Gift Foundation, the entrepreneur, actress and philanthropist, Maria Bravo, together with the honorary president, the actress, director and activist Eva Longoria Bastón.

The Global Gift Gala brought together international celebrities and spectacular performances, making it a magical evening: the famous Canadian-Belgian singer, Lara Fabian, the award-winning French singer-songwriter Kendji Girac and Ilyana, the finalist of La Voz Kids France 2023 left the audience enchanted with their interpretations.

The presenters of the event were the actor and presenter Bernard Montiel, the television journalist and presenter, Sandy Heribert, and the international Victoria’s Secret model, Maria Borges, who demonstrated exceptional talent and dazzling charisma with which they contributed to the The evening was a true success, further enriching the experience for all those present.

Floral artistic director Jeff Leatham created his magic with a new floral theme that left everyone in awe, and renowned chef Christian Le Squer of Le Cinq delighted diners’ senses with every bite, in a symphony of flavors, textures and carefully selected and harmonized aromas.

The live auction was conducted by Camille de Foresta of Christie’s and included exceptional works of art by national and international artists such as Richard Orlinski, Jaime Monge, and Auguste, as well as unique experiences.

The work called The Playground II, which corresponds to a series of works created to benefit Global Gift, by the artist Jaime Monge, was auctioned for €30,000.

As in all of his works, the person is the main protagonist, who gives scale and meaning to the spaces, and how when filled he generates a human landscape.

The game series was created with the same concept, it talks about the importance of human relationships and how each of us should care for each other with the humble innocence of children. In this case, highlighting the role of children, women and families as the main agents of our future.

A sculpture by the contemporary French artist with the highest sales in the world since 2015, Richard Orlinski, was also auctioned, reaching €40,000.

The Global Gift Awards honored three notable figures:

Eva Longoria, Salim Belounis, Zazou Belounis, María Bravo

Zazou Belounis was awarded the Global Gift Philanthropreneur Award, which recognizes individuals who use their businesses, wealth and power to transform society through philanthropic and entrepreneurial efforts, focusing on making the world a better place for others.

Melissa Theriau received the Global Gift Humanitarian Award in recognition of her extraordinary contributions through social and humanitarian services that have significantly improved the lives of vulnerable children and families by providing basic needs such as food, shelter, access to healthcare and education.

Eva Longoria, Salim Belounis, Zazou Belounis, María Bravo

World-renowned hairstylist to Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez, Ken Pavés received the Global Gift Our Heroes Award in recognition of his inspiring humanitarian work that has had a positive impact over the years, through various philanthropic causes.

Among the personalities who attended the event were the Spanish Mireia Lalaguna Royo, Miss World 2015, and Paula Pérez, Miss World Spain 2022 and current representative of Spain for Miss World 2023, the international Victoria’s Secret model, Maria Borges, the model Adriana Karembeu, the actress and model, Heidi Lushtaku, the actress and singer Fabienne Carat, the designer Jean Claude Jitrois, the actor, director and screenwriter Jamel Debbouze, the actress and comedian, Florence Forest, the singer Hélène Segara, the actress and singer, Christina Milian, TV presenter Elodie Villemus, international model Charly Poirier, actor Sasha Birdy, actress Aria Walton, and journalist and TV presenter Alicia Fall, among many others.

The sponsors of this very special gala have been the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, which supports the cause for the eleventh year, and APM Monaco, a contemporary fashion jewelry brand that embodies the elegance of the lifestyle of Monaco and the south of France, whose attention to detail and craftsmanship are distinctive characteristics of the brand. Each piece of jewelry is created with precision and undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets the highest standards. The brand prides itself on its commitment to excellence in jewelry making, which is reflected in the beauty and durability of its creations.

Casanis Group that continues with its annual commitment to the Global Gift Foundation, a Cause Marketing agreement with which they offer their clients the opportunity to make a donation to Casa Angeles, the day center for children with special needs that Maria Bravo has created in Marbella, thus achieving a significant difference. Cause Marketing is carried out in all Casanis Group brand establishments in Marbella; Mamzel at Finca Besaya, Nota Blu New Brasserie, La Plage Casanis and Casanis Bistrot Marbella.

This display of generosity and participation highlights the desire for inclusion and involving the community in actions beneficial to others.

Eva Longoria, Ken Pavés

Thanks to this Marketing with Cause collaboration, Casa Angeles can continue to provide care and support to children and families in vulnerable situations, providing them with a safe and conducive environment for their development.

Note Blu New Brasserie and Mamzel at Finca Besaya are the promoters of Casanis Group’s Cause Marketing to benefit Casa Angeles:

Note Blu New Brasserie is the perfect place to enjoy traditional French cuisine with avant-garde touches in an international, timeless and elegant environment, a unique and exclusive experience in Marbella.

Mamzel at Finca Besaya is the meeting place for national and international celebrities and personalities. With a variety of flavors in their dishes that you will not be able to forget, you will enjoy a show full of surprises where the audience will remember stages of the past, present and future through a musical journey that will take your breath away.

The event had the support of other socially responsible brands such as AIX rosé wine, known as “the purest expression of what a rosé wine can be”; The wines of Château Enclos Haut Mazeyres, Pomerol, were the perfect companions for these moments of glamor and solidarity.

Huda Beauty, Wishful and Kayali, who have participated by donating perfumes, creams and beauty items for the gift bags given to each gala attendee.

Power 8, the energy drink that contains up to 60% fewer calories than conventional energy drinks, donates a % of its sales to Casa Angeles, another incredible Cause Marketing. With its combination of sugar and caffeine in just the right amount, Power 8 improves brain efficiency.

Lara Fabian

The Whispering Agency, founded by Thierry Martino, once again manages to carry out communication and PR work in an extraordinary way.

The Art & Design studio, Nicoe Design, a team of designers committed to excellence.

Maupy Worldwide, the global talent and designer agency for live events and virtual experiences. It is the company that produces all Global Gift Galas.

The original Oblack, unique and different designs of the best quality with the motto “there is no evolution without revolution.”

Asia Gardens, Hotel & Thai Spa, a luxurious Asian-inspired resort on Spain’s Costa Blanca, known for its architectural beauty, tropical gardens, luxury accommodation, exceptional dining options and a world-class spa. It is an ideal location for those seeking a luxury getaway experience in a serene and exotic setting.

The funds raised will benefit the Global Gift Foundation and the L’Heure Joyeuse Association, with the aim of improving the lives of children and women and supporting the victims of the recent earthquake in Morocco.

The 11th Global Gift Gala in Paris was a celebration of generosity and solidarity, where beauty and empathy came together to make the world a better place. Don’t miss your next opportunity to be part of this extraordinary event and make the difference that really matters.

Eva Longoria y Kendji Girac

The next event of the Global Gift Foundation will take place in Dubai, on December 8, 2023, it will be the 8th edition of The Global Gift Gala in the Arab Emirates. Maria Bravo will be accompanied by the actress and director Eva Longoria, and the creators of Huda Beauty, the sisters Huda and Mona Kattan among many other personalities: www.globalgiftgala.com

About The Global Gift Gala

The Global Gift Gala is the flagship event of the Global Gift Foundation and one of the largest charitable initiatives in the world. Originally created by entrepreneurs Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta, it brings together and combines the worlds of business, celebrities and philanthropy to raise funds and awareness, creating a substantial difference in the lives of countless children and women around the world: https://www.globalgiftgala.com/

About Global Gift Foundation

The Global Gift Foundation is an international charity that aims to improve the lives of the most vulnerable, especially vulnerable children, women and families. Through its work, the foundation collaborates with social projects and charitable organizations in areas such as health, education, social inclusion and empowerment. The Global Gift Foundation holds exclusive charity events around the world to raise funds and awareness for the causes it supports: https://www.globalgiftfoundation.org/

Angeles House

Casa Ángeles is a day center for children and young people with special needs located in Marbella. Founded by Maria Bravo, its main objective is to improve the quality of life of these children through therapies, workshops and leisure programs designed to promote social inclusion. The center has modern facilities and highly trained staff to provide a safe and stimulating environment. Casa Ángeles is distinguished by offering individualized therapies adapted to the needs of each child, as well as by promoting participation in group activities and collaborative projects to promote social integration: https://casaangeles.es/


About the L’Heure Joyeuse Association

This association cares for and protects children. They fight against social exclusion in all its forms by creating programs and services with a strong social impact. They meet the medical and social needs of the highly vulnerable population. They provide educational, pedagogical and academic support adapted to the needs of children in precarious situations. They facilitate, through adequate support and training, the integration of young people with little or no training: https://www.heurejoyeuse.ma/fr/