The 1st Global Gift Gala held in Japan with the support of the Japanese government.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022: The Global Gift Gala has arrived at the buzzing Tokyo metropolis, celebrating its 1st ever Edition on December 5th, making history and becoming the first international charity gala to be held in the land of the rising sun.

The entrepreneur and philanthropist, Maria Bravo founder of Global Gift Foundation, chaired this exceptional edition, alongside co-chair Baseball legend and former DENA Bay Stars manager, Alexander Ramirez founder of Vamos Together foundation, with the support of government organizations Keio University Center for Tourism Research, the Japan Agency for Tourism and the Nippon Donation Organization, and the Japanese government. Along Maria Bravo, a star-studded lineup of Hollywood philanthropist actors, such as Jean Reno, and Luke Evans and Adrien Brody created an evening of practical magic. 

This world class event took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel where guests from all over the world attended, including artists, celebrities, entrepreneurs’ authorities and the ambassadors from the Netherlands, Jamaica, Sweden, Angola, and Portugal in Japan, did not want to miss this special occasion and enjoy a splendid night including a menu designed by the prestigious Executive Chef of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, with drinks and exquisite wines that delighted all attendees.

Talented broadcaster and former international journalist Tom Urquhart together with bilingual presenter Ako Sakakuraconducted this special evening.  Guests were treated to incredible, and breath taken performances, entertained by the globally-renowned iconic Latin artists, Gipsy Reyes Heritage, actor and talented artist Luke Evans, worldwide known on movies such Dracula the untold, Fast and Furious, The Hobbit, the Beauty and the beast among many others, the Japanese ballet dancer Yuya Takahashi from the K Ballet company as well as International pop and R&B Japanese singer May J. 

An evening full of hope and inspiration presented by the Main Sponsor Youness, a company that belongs to the Nisji Shuzo distillery, believing that good shochu is like a good harvest, it is nothing less than a gift from the earth, using only potatoes and rice that grow by local farmers. The brewery itself is surrounded by mountains and thus they are blessed with pure water. 

In addition to Youness, among the socially responsible brands of the evening, Global sponsor, Utopia Avatars, The Web3 ecosystem with the mission of disrupting businesses’ operations and bringing innovation using the power of Web3 technology.  Utopia’s vision is to focus on bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds – through the launch of virtual products, NFT collections, and IRL businesses. Furthermore, through Utopia’s acquisition of Virtual Voyagers, the group will offer strategic consulting services, particularly developing metaverse applications and experiences, as well as educational programs and initiatives in the world of Web3.  a project designed to build an ethical world where large corporations are socially responsible and believe in philanthropy, where businesses are owned by the community, #GiveBackForWhatisGiven.

This inspiring and moving night created an enchanting atmosphere merging international and local cultural performances by leading Japanese artists and the classic Kagamibiraki ceremony, a Sake toast with centuries-old origins.

Among other personalities and attendees, entrepreneur and philanthropist David Matsumoto responsible to open the doors of this country to the Global Gift Foundation, Yuki Keio businessman who has connected all the local organizations to make this edition a reality, Maaaru, Yuya Takahashi, Asami Kiyokawa, Kosuke Yamawaki and Eureka Project, Mr. Maruyama. A dream gala in Tokyo that opens the heart of Japanese culture with a new way of doing good and enjoying doing it, The Global Gift Gala, directly raising funds and awareness.

Maria Bravo says I am delighted to the opportunity to have joined forces with the people of Japan, bringing this event to the Tokyo’s social calendar, The Global Gift Gala, makes a real difference to the lives of children, woman and it is an honor to be in the land of rising sun”

Global Gift Awards

Jean Reno and Adrien Brody were honored with the Global Gift Philanthropist Award in recognition of exceptional generosity and exemplary commitment to philanthropy, which encourages others to take philanthropic leadership roles in the community. Jean Reno, for supporting countless causes as a true leader, advocating for universal access to healthcare for all.  

Adrien Brody, for his significant contributions to charitable organizations, demonstrating an outstanding commitment to various causes around the world aimed

at improving the lives of many children and families, including organizations such as the American Foundation for AIDS Research, the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, Racing for Kids, The Art of Elysium, UNICEF, and the Global Gift Foundation.

Adrien Brody said: It is a privilege to be here tonight. I love Japan, its culture, its food, its people. I’m here because I wanted to support the valuable humanitarian work that my friend Maria Bravo is doing with her foundation. This night is very important to countless children, women and families. For this I have created a painted work during the last 24 hours that I hope will be to your liking and you will bid for it, and in this way contribute to Maria´s cause.

The British auctioneer Thomas Forrester led the live auction, which included art pieces from Actor and Philanthropist Adrien Brody, Japanese artists such as Asami Kiyokawa, Kosume Yamawaki, exclusive pieces such as Enigma, unique experiences from Spanish football player Andres Iniesta, Global Gift experiences, beauty treatments and Nishi Sake Brewery provided a 100-liter barrel of its new “YOUNESS” whiskey. As the culmination of an electrifying evening, the actor Adrien Brody created hours before the event, an exclusive piece inspired by Japanese culture that was donated and auctioned during the gala, reaching the figure of 150,000 USD. The auction concluded with generous donations in support of the beneficiary foundations. 

The Global Gift Gala is the flagship event of the Global Gift Foundation and one of the world’s largest charitable initiatives. Created by actress, businesswoman, and philanthropist Maria Bravo, it brings together and blends the worlds of business, celebrity, and philanthropy to raise funds and awareness, making a substantial difference in the lives of countless children and women around the world.

About Vamos Together

Vamos Together is an organization that aims to create a symbiotic society through baseball, where people with and without special needs can play and learn together, helping them make the most of their individual talents. 

About The Global Gift Foundation is a non-profit charity whose goal is to create positive change in the development, well-being, health and social inclusion of the most vulnerable. The Foundation provides shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, and other vital necessities to vulnerable groups, particularly children and women in need. Created in 2013 by actress, businesswoman and international philanthropist María Bravo, the foundation supports projects from different organizations around the world and has recently launched its own, Casa Ángeles, a day center for children with special needs or chronic illnesses, located in the city of Marbella. Casa Angeles was born with the aim of improving the quality of life of these children and their families. The house offers the most innovative therapies, workshops and leisure programs designed to promote social inclusion.

The day Prior to the gala, Maria Bravo and international actors Jean Reno, and Luke Evans visited the children of Vamos together Foundation spending a fun and amused afternoon.