The 1st decentralized Metasocial Network of NFTs in the world and the agency-boutique Maupy Worldwide.

Marbella, January 2022: Maria Bravo, founder of the Global Gift Foundation and Casa Ángeles, has joined forces with Woonkly Metasocial Network, a decentralized Social Network where all Posts become NFTs directly, where users have full control of their data and where the content is not uploaded to a server but to the users’ computers through IPFS (interplanetary file system) allowing the creation of a decentralized global directory of designers, celebrities, influencers, talents, NFT users and metaverses, interacting with each other and creating new ways to monetize content.

The association has been made effective through the talent agency Maupy Worldwide in favour of the Global Gift Foundation. Maupy Worldwide is an international agency-boutique that manages an important portfolio of clients, including elite athletes, world-famous actors, music stars and renowned companies. A triple alliance with which Woonkly marks the first time that it has brought NFT collections to the social field to support charitable activities, where it is expected that half of the income generated, and royalties will go to social causes.

Maria Bravo said: “We are excited and very proud of joining forces between Woonkly, Maupy Worldwide and the Global Gift Foundation. In addition to learning from the 1st Metasocial Network of the NFT market, we will create a social program to support social causes through blockchain technology, creating NFT collections of international talent.”

Woonkly Metasocial Network’s mission is to allow all users to have a reference point to monetize and socialize in a decentralized manner through NFTs, ensuring users ownership of their data and assets.

Daniel Santos

Daniel Santos (CEO and Founder of Woonkly).

Daniel Santos, founder of Woonkly said: At Woonkly we are very grateful and excited to be able to collaborate hand in hand with the Global Gift Foundation, demonstrating that new technologies can be adapted to all types of sectors, which can bring new forms of growth for this type of associations.  We love being a socially responsible company, we are certain that together we can achieve great goals and benefits for society.”

Woonkly was born from a dream of its creator and founder, Daniel Santos, an entrepreneur, and influencer known as Mr. Santos, who has sheltered the idea since he was a child of creating products that help people in their economy, education, or personal fulfilment.

The rest of the founding members of the team are Esteban Díaz, Shuberth Chi, Sara Santos and Jonatan Álvarez.