Global Gift Initiative Cannes, celebrated at the Palais des Festivals, is a complete success, benefitting the Eva Longoria Foundation & Casa Global Gift

  • The proceeds will go to two causes: supporting Latina women through the Eva Longoria Foundation and the creation of ‘Casa Global Gift’, a Global Gift Foundation project in Marbella.
  • The Global Gift awards were given to two women: the Global Gift Humanitarian Award was awarded to Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, UNESCO ambassador to Uzbekistan and founder of You Are Not Alone; And the Global Gift Our Heroes Award was given to Jessica Lemarie Pires, creator of the Onira Organics beauty brand and founder of the ‘Le Rêve de Clara’ Foundation.
  • Among the Global Gifters who attended and participated in the charity auction: footballer Robert Pires, Valerie Messika, Camille Sereys de Rothschild and Massimo Gargia, writer Vasily Klyukin and his wife Anna Klyukin, and Michel Issa.
  • The third charity event of the Global GIft Foundation in 2016, after the Madrid and Paris galas, took place in the exclusive Mouton Cadet Wine Bar, located on the roof of the Palais des Festivals.

Cannes, May 17, 2016. The Global Gift Foundation hosted the Global Gift Initiative at the Cannes Film Festival, an event organized to raise funds for various charitable projects to improve the lives of children, women and families in situation of need.

The 3rd Global Philanthropic Evening (after Madrid and Paris) that the Global Gift Foundation celebrated in 2016 took place on Friday in the exclusive Mouton Cadet Wine Bar, located on the roof of the Palais des Festivals) with Maria Bravo, founder of Global Gift Foundation and Honorary Chair Eva Longoria, receiving attendees and winners.

There were many attendees at the Cannes Film Festival and some of the more unconditional Global Gifters like Valérie Messika, footballer Robert Pires and his wife, Jessica; the writer Vasily Klyukin (Creative Mind) and his wife Anna Klyukin, (who bid for the double Magnum lot donated by Camille), the family of Yanina Couture (sponsor of the Global Gift Initiatives in France), Yulia and Doria, actress An Xiao Zuo or the philanthropists, Michel Issa and Alex Kothoor, among others. The charity auction included exclusive lots such as two lithographs by Henri Matisse, one of which was auctioned to Jessica Pires, several pieces by the jewellery firm Messika, sponsor of the event with Mouton Cadet Wine Bar. Also auctioned was a unique experience, to attend together with the celebrities to the Philanthropic Global Gift Weekend of Marbella in the next month of July.

Two Benefitting Projects

Founder Maria Bravo announced during the dinner that the funds raised will go entirely to two charitable projects: the Global Gift House, which aims to help children with rare diseases and that the Global Gift Foundation will open in Marbella; And the Eva Longoria Foundation, which works to enable Latina women to reach their potential through business education and training.

Jessica Lemarie Pires, Awarded the ‘Global Gift Our Heroes Award’

The emotional moment of the evening came with the words of gratitude from Jessica Lemarie Pires upon receiving the Global Gift Our Heroes Award in recognition of her philanthropic commitment to the nonprofit association Le rêve de Clara: “We help Clara with all our heart and means, but after losing her, we do not hesitate to continue our charitable work by helping children who are socially disadvantaged and providing them with medical assistance to cure their illnesses.”The model & creator of the beauty brand Onira Organics, together with her husband, the soccer player Robert Pires, founded this project to help disadvantaged children from the Indian Ocean islands (Mayotte, Comoros, Maurice et Seychelles).

Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, Recipient of the ‘Global Gift Humanitarian Award’

The other protagonist of the evening was UNESCO ambassador to Uzbekistan and founder of You Are Not Alone, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, who received the Global Gift Humanitarian Award, with which the Global Gift Foundation recognizes the philanthropic activity of successful professionals who give visibility to social causes or lead charities.

Lola Karimova Tillyaeva, known amongst other actions for her mission as a Uzbekistan envoy to UNESCO, created the You Are Not Alone Foundation in 2002 with the purpose of providing comprehensive assistance and educational support to orphaned children to improve their future.

The foundation has several projects in place to build, renovate and refurbish Mercy Homes orphanages in Uzbekistan, so that the children who live there receive a solid education in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

“I would like to thank the Global Gift Foundation for this honor. This award represents a great encouragement and inspiration for the You Are Not Alone solidarity foundation and our commitment to improving the lives of children raised in orphanages in Uzbekistan as well as children with special needs.

For 13 years the foundation has created individual development programs for children with disabilities and has supported families at risk of social exclusion with therapies.

The founder and Chair, Maria Bravo and actress and Honorary Chair Eva Longoria were accompanied by Camille Sereys de Rothschild, from the family that owns the renowned wine cellar of Bordeaux, who donated a double Magnum de Mouton Rothschill 2001 from the family bodega for the charity auction.

During the gala, attendees could also enjoy a performance by the French singer Mélissa Nkonda, singer of the hit singles “Nouveaux Horizon” and “Africa”.

The Global Gift Foundation’s most recognized events are The Global Gift Galas which are held in different parts of the world (Paris, London, Dubai, Los Angeles, Mexico, Madrid and Marbella), which this year incorporates Edinburgh to the map of philanthropic cities. Their aim is to raise funds for humanitarian projects of a local, national and international nature developed by fiscally responsible NGOs.

About Global Gift Foundation

Global Gift Foundation is a philanthropic organization created in 2013 by Maria Bravo, of Spanish origin but mainly living in Los Angeles. The purpose of the Foundation is to meet the nutritional, educational and hospital needs of children and women in need, anywhere in the world. Global Gift also addresses people at risk of social exclusion, regardless of race, religion, sex and age, as well as funding study programs to find solutions for so-called “rare” or chronic diseases.

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