Un Rien C’est Tout

The objective of Un Rien C´est Tout is to co-develop projects with a positive impact on people, collaborating with partner organizations that work in France, dedicated to 4 great causes.

They guarantee the effectiveness of their commitment by ensuring permanent monitoring in the different stages of construction of the projects and providing information periodically.

Un Rien C’est Tout applies operational procedures and undergoes periodic controls that guarantee the proper use of donations: the control of annual accounts is certified by an auditor in accordance with legal provisions.

Since 2017 they have raised 2.5 million euros in donations for 180 solidarity projects carried out, hosted by four major causes:


  • Right to dignity
  • Childhood
  • Health
  • Environment
Lebanese Red Cross
Lebanese Red Cross
Lebanese Red Cross
Lebanese Red Cross

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.