The Great Initiative

The Great Initiative fight for gender equality. It conducts research and then uses this research to help women around the world.

Funds from Global Gift Foundation were allocated to three areas:

International Projects: international education and outreach programs to carry out projects that offer women the opportunity to evolve in cultural traditions, through the media, raising their status in the community, doing work and projects that support the women’s access to education and justice. In addition to continuing the expansion and growth of their Liberia Women Democracy Radio project.

Support for collaborative projects in Africa and the Middle East, in which they are currently studying the possibility of financing Peace Courts and Women’s Courts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in partnership with Peace Direct.


Research: support to the creation of the research project ‘Gender Atlas’, in partnership with leading academic institutions, professionals and campaigns to offer and implement new perspectives to address gender inequality.

Project «Great Men, Women with Values», including promotional activities to engage and involve men and boys in equality movements. This is a pilot project in the UK to achieve the commitment of men and boys in the movement for equality and be part of the solution.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.