Mensajeros de la Paz

The Peace Messengers Association was founded in 1962 by Father Ángel García Rodríguez. Its mission and main vision is to work for social integration of those most vulnerable. At the start, its main activity was the creation of homes to accommodate children and young people without a family environment, covering their needs to give comprehensive care. Later they continued developing other activities that offered resources to other groups at risk.

Wit children, the association offers different resources such as functional homes, therapeutic homes for children with HIV-AIDS, serious illnesses and / or disabilities, immediate foster homes as well as maternal foster care centers.

Mensajeros de las Paz tends to women that have been victims of gender violence and offers the following resources for their care, protection and recovery: Training and labor insertion services, Emergency centers, short stays and hosting homes for victims of domestic violence, legal services as well as therapeutic intervention programs for men involved in cases of ill treatment.

The Association also has created another organization focused on care for the elderly called Golden Age that responds to the needs of this group by creating mixed gender residences, general day care centers as well as specialized day centers for Alzheimer’s patients.

The Foundation works with ​​immigrants, offering complete social integration through its programs. Mensajeros de la Pazhas been a pioneer in receiving immigrant minors and to this day they continue to welcome anyone, regardless of their ethnic origin, to their programs, centers and activities for children, women, families and the elderly.

The Global Gift Foundation supports the Messengers of Peace Association since 2016 sharing their objective of social attention covering the needs of the most vulnerable groups.

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