Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a Hospital located in England that was founded in 1859 by Dr. Charles West. It was the first Hospital in the United Kingdom dedicated exclusively to the treatment of children with illnesses.

Throughout the years, the Hospital has been changing and expanding its capacity of attention to different pathologies as well as being pioneers in areas of childhood medical intervention.

Through the donations that the Hospital receives, they are able to provide support in support 4 key areas.

The first area consists in the reconstruction and restoration of spaces offering patients better care and expanding available services.

The second area is child and family support, where projects are created that help families to manage the situation in which the children find themselves, while creating fun spaces for the children.

Another area is research. Great Ormond Street Hospital is the largest fundraiser for child medical research in the United Kingdom.

And lastly, the equipment. Thanks to the donations received, the Hospital can invest in the latest technology facilitating diagnosis so that ultimately the children have access to less invasive and more effective treatments.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Global Gift Foundation since 2016,  Great Ormond Street Hospital,  has been able to renovate a ward.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.