Fundación SOS

The SOS Foundation – Universal Children’s Day was created with the intention of rescuing the celebration of November 20 as Universal Children’s Day proclaimed by the UN. Its main objective was the dissemination of the rights of children, under the belief that the youngest, are our real future.

Besides this, the Foundation aims to promote education as a way to improve our world. It has a second course of action at international level, in particular, funding projects mainly in Africa, Latin America and India.

Thanks to the help received from the Global Gift Foundation, the SOS Foundation has helped a total of 79 families with 172 minors in the province of Malaga through its platform «We are family» with which he delivered in 1376 litres of milk, 2,752 yogurts, 4128 sandwiches as well as buying meat, eggs and fish to supplement the diet of the families of the soup kitchens and food Emaus orphanage «Casa do Gaiato».

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.