Fundación Querer

Fundación Querer supports the scientific investigation of neural diseases that have no cure such as those derived from autistic disorder, epilepsy, Landau Kleffner’s syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome, refractory epilepsy, aphasia, hyperactivity and severe attention deficit or Disorder Language. The Foundation works to unify Scientific Research, Research in Training and Education and the development of new Technologies in order to develop to the maximum the intellectual abilities of children and children who suffer TEL and their families and integrate them into a truly inclusive society and non-discriminatory.

El Cole de Celia y Pepe

Families with children suffering from developmental disorders, and especially those related to language disorders, have problems of all kinds. The first is usually the diagnosis. The group of diseases we are talking about are often ignored and often misdiagnosed. Many of these are rare diseases, and families and doctors have no means to deal with them.

The existing educational system in Spain has means to care for children who are at the end of the autistic spectrum, but it does not know how to attend to those who are at the center of the spectrum. These children may or may not be autistic, and may develop Autism behaviors due to diseases such as refractory epilepsy, and other neurological diseases. The fact is that the legislation does not contemplate these cases nor allow to give these children the education that they need.

El Cole de Celia y Pepe was born as a project and first concrete action of the Fundación Querer. Celia and Pepe are two children with Laundau Kleffner Syndrome – acquired epileptic aphasia or silent epilepsy. With this project, the Fundación Querer aims to respond to the educational needs of children with different rare diseases and disorders, and to help families that face these problems.

El Cole de Celia y Pepe is a comprehensive school specializing in children with speech and language delay problems.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.