Fundación Numen

The NUMEN Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to education, rehabilitation and care of children and young people severely affected by cerebral palsy and related neurological damage, having as main purpose the full integration of people with cerebral palsy in society, respect for their inherent human dignity and achieving satisfactory quality and suitable to their individual needs life rights.

In Madrid, there are few facilities that meet the two conditions required, temperature and accessibility, in Numen Foundations treatments, so they have created an area of ​​hydrotherapy with necessary adaptations accessibility, both as a treatment vessel to the locker room, and the ability to reach a water temperature of 34° C, conditions that can benefit 100% of the users of the center and that the benefits of aquatic activity with their girls/boys are the best.

In a space designed especially for them, where they will develop this project, with the aim of, through aquatic therapy, and help provide users with severe physical disabilities and special to improve their health education needs, enhance their motor skills and get access to new and motivating activities and sensations, in many exciting for them sometimes, because they are unaware by their physical abilities outside the aquatic environment limitations.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.