Fundación Isabel Gemio

Fundación Isabel Gemio for Research on Muscular Dystrophies and other rare diseases was created in 2008 to help accelerate research in muscular dystrophies, other neuromuscular diseases and rare diseases, in those biological, pathophysiological, genetic or therapeutic they can influence the development and application of curative treatments to patients, and to promote the exchange of information between experts and those affected and promote the development of pharmacology.


The Foundation focuses all its efforts on funding scientific research projects seeking treatment or cure for diseases known as «rare», supporting basic biomedical translational research, clinical research and supporting groups who are leading research in Spain, wholly or partially financed projects that are part of the CIBER Network.

Fundación Isabel Gemio has received a donation of € 10,000 by Global Gift Foundation after conclusion of the Global Gift philanthropic Weekend 2015 in Marbella.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.