Fundación Ángela Navarro

The Ángela Navarro Foundation was created in 2011 with the aim of continuing the work that had been carried out since 2002 by the Spanish Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics Repair. The main objective of this foundation is to offer training and help improve the looks of people who have been affected by an illness or medical treatment. According to research, by improving the physical appearance of patients affected by diseases, they are able to deal with the disease with a more possitive attitude and a better emotional state, while at the same time achieving social and work integration counteracting image prejudices found in the work place.

The Foundation boasts a specific aesthetic center where the patients can go and receive integral aesthetic attention. Currently the Foundation offers different activities including information and training such as:

  1. Makeup workshops, skin care, wig placement, etc.
  2. Courses and workshops given by health personnel for aesthetic and dermalogical problems.
  3. Personal image teachers training future professionals.
  4. Informative material such as self-care guides and other materials that help patients.

In addition, the Foundation invests in the research and development of better materials for prostheses, hair accessories and a particular cosmetic therapeutic cream. It also offers grants to patients through monetary aid for people with low economic resources and a wig bank that anyone, regardless of their economic situation, can benefit from.

The Global Gift Foundation supports the Ángela Navarro Foundation since 2017 so that it can continue with research and and caring for cancer patients.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.