Fredonia College Foundation

Fredonia University is a State University of New York, whose main mission is to ensure that all students acquire creative skills and are responsible and committed people globally.

Due to the academic success of the students of this University, there was a great interest in supporting other students with fewer resources, so that they also have access to opportunities; receiving donations to this end.

These donations and resources were increasing and in 1964 the University created the Fredonia College Foundation with the objective of administering the financial contributions that were made to financially support the studies of these students who wished to study at Fredonia University.

In this way, the Foundation, as an entity independent of the University, manages and supervises the investment of philanthropic funds through a board of volunteer directors.

Thanks to these funds, many students without economic possibilities can access a higher education.

In 2015, the Foundation distributed $ 2.2 million in scholarships and grants and currently has more than 500 funds for students who require it.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.