Football for Peace

A movement that brings people together & creates understanding; empowering more tolerant and resilient communities through football. We do this through diplomatic, government and local community involvement.

Football is uniquely placed to transcend the differences of nationality, ethnicity, religion, age and gender. By connecting people through football, we offer an alternative to division. We save lives from being wasted on hate crimes, violence and extremism and offer hope in the face of prejudice and alienation.

We want to tackle division, gang culture, violence, and negative attitudes that exist across our communities and Cities.

Some groups/individuals are ready to promote and instigate hatred and others use violent and nonviolent means to further marginalize communities by promoting ideologies contrary to our shared democratic values and ways of life.

We motivate our young people to constantly challenge negative stereotypes, divisive views and fear of the other that harm community cohesion by bringing people from all walks of life together.We get people talking in neutral environments and working with one another on and off the pitch.

We aim to connect young people, from individuals to communities to nations, by promoting Peace, Security and Education through Football Diplomacy. We believe every individual, especially the impact created by our Young Peace Leaders in our Football Saves Lives programmes play a fundamental role in assisting Football for Peace empower tolerant and resilient other young people within communities.

We exist to educate young people about each other, about the world, about bringing them together and giving them hope for a better life: using football. As an organisation we work with experts in various fields to identify areas of misunderstanding and division. We then use the Beautiful Game to create neutral environments that promote understanding between very diverse and divided communities.

‘Football Saves Lives’ is a 2 year educational programme delivered to shift attitudes and challenge hearts and minds using our educational toolkit.

The aim is to look at how these Young Peace Leaders can together tackle the many issues within society where tension exists or the rights of others are threatened by creating dialogue, understanding and a safe environments through the medium of Football.

Our FSL programme aims to engage up to 2000 Young People in each city from all walks of life to provide leadership skills, confidence building, interpersonal skills, and a in depth understanding of their environment.

The campaign aims to bring together 15,000 Young People from different faiths, cultures and backgrounds, bytraining 500 Young Peace Leaders in the Football Saves Lives programme by 2021.

With the #FootballSavesLivescampaign, FfP want to encourage all football lovers and individuals who want to see a positive change within their society to support the #FootballSavesLivespledge to train the next generation of Young Peace Leaders to create more peaceful andtolerant communities across the UK.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.