Eva Longoria Foundation

Eva Longoria Foundation is a foundation that fights to improve social inclusion for women and children of Latino origin who suffer economic and social inequalities because of their sex and ethnic origin.

Its main mission is to promote the growth of Latina women and their families through education and entrepreneurial skills.

It offers different programs such as:

1. Student aid. It has been demonstrated that when an educational environment is developed, Latinas are able to finish their scholastic studies and access university. The Eva Longoria Foundation facilitates this environment and promotes women’s access to technology studies, an area, that until recently has been limited for women and particularly those of Latino origin. To date, the Foundation has helped more than 1,700 women to develop their study skills.

2. Mentoring and tutoring of female students. This helps women develop a sense of belonging in their center of study which in turn   in succesful results.

3. Parent participation, which consists of encouraging parents to be more involved in the studies of their Latina daughters by highlighting the importance of knowing the • Teachers and taught subjects as well as filling out university applications and planning evaluation meetings.

4. Entrepreneurship, by offering Latinas the capital and specific training they need to open their own business and be successful.

The Global Gift Foundation supports the Eva Longoria Foundation since 2013, contributing to the continuation of all these programs, representing an improvement in the situation of Latina women.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.