CéKeDuBonheur Association

The CéKeDuBonheur Association works to improve the quality of life of hospitalized children and adolescents in a joint effort in several hospitals in France, especially with Robert Debré Hospital, one of the largest pediatric centers in Europe.

Thanks to donations from the Global Gift Foundation and collaboration and presence of some French celebrities like presenter Valerie Damidot, actress Leila Bekhti and actor Omar Sy, the following actions have been carried out:

Their help has made children’s dreams reality by hosting parties, bringing gifts, and visits to hospitals:

  • Lunches and parties attended by the cartoons ‘Charlotte aus Fraises’ in the Robert Debré hospital, in Kremlin Bicetre and in IEM Gonesse.
  • Visit from Disneys Mickey and Minie to the Kremlin Bicetre Hospital to join the Halloween party held by CKDB volunteers.
  • Children’s fashion parade, which had the support of the model Noemie Lenoir and volunteers at the Hospital Saint Maurice. More than 50 children paraded down the red carpet in front of a jury and received gifts.
  • Workshop «Prod, DJ and writing» children initiation in musical production with the presence of Kery James, famous French rapper and dj Kimfu.
  • Justin’s 7th Birthday; hospitalized in New Caledonia, he received a personal video from Benabar, his favorite singer.


  • Purchase of 6 iPad tablets with pre-installed applications to support the Medical Center Précoce Action Sociale (CAMSP).
  • Tickets to a football game. Bilal, 14, and Leo, 10, two boys hospitalized at the Robert Debré Hospital, had their dream come true by attending a game at the stadium «Parc des Princes».
  • Trip to Euro Disney for Chloe, who suffers from a chronic illness, and her family.
  • Purchase of costumes for the Children’s Hospital Saint-Maurice.
  • Football shirt signed by all the players of Olympique de Marseille as a birthday gift to Mohamed, hospitalized at Necker Hospital.

Hospital visits:

  • The visit of Kev Adams, the famous comedian from the famous movies ‘Fiston’ and ‘Les profs’ and the French band «Sexion Dassaut» to the Robert Debré Hospital.
  • Renovation and decoration of six parent rooms at Kremlin Bicetre, aimed at low-income families who cannot afford hotel or transport to visit his children. Valérie Damidot, Leila Bekhti, Omar Sy, Testot Fred and Sonia Rolland shared four days working on the reform.
  • Salimata dream comes true: a 10 year old, admitted to the Robert Debré Hospital, dreamt of meeting French singer Tal. His health seriously deteriorated and CKDB and MAKE A WISH got a personal video for Salimata, and now Salimata displays the video from a new tablet with shining eyes.
  • 13-year-old Lucas had the chance to meet Omar Sy at a fundraiser in Lyon. Originally from Switzerland, Lucas was invited to dinner with his parents in which he could spend a magical moment with the CKDB Ambassador and other attendees at the charity gala.

With your donation we can help millions of children around the world.