Alba Ramos Pérez

On March 21, 2016, the town of Puerto Real was shocked to hear the news that a 14-month-old girl was in serious condition after falling from a window.

It was the sad beginning of the story of Alba Ramos Perez. Alba was a normal and happy little girl until she she fell from a third floor and inexplicably survived, leaving her with serious consequences.

Her diagnosis was overwhelming: traumatic brain injury, pulmonary edema, hepatic rupture and bone fractures in the face and pelvis. However, after 40 days in the ICU, 21 days with artificial respiration, an induced coma and very few medical hopes, Alba started to recover. A neurosurgeon who saw Alba after the accident told her parents Sergio and Belén, «that if miracles exist, Alba is one.»

Global Gift Foundation learned of the Alba´s problem and Maria, its founder, wanted to get in touch with her parents to help in whatever was needed. The medical treatment and neurological rehabilitation offered by public health care is not enough for Alba’s recovery, so her parents found a private clinic in Jerez with a very innovative multidisciplinary team that they cannot afford. Maria Bravo promised to pay for this treatment on a monthly basis and without a time limit.

Recently, Sergio and Belén together with Alba joined us at the Global Gift Foundation office in Marbella.

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