Sacha Jafri´s “The Journey of Humanity” which holds the Guinness World Record for the largest art canvas, was sold during the live auction celebrated on the 22nd March 2021 at Atlantis – The Palm in Dubai making it the second most expensive painting ever sold by a living artist.
This is a huge impact for the charities and children in need around the world!

Funds raised at the historical auction are to go to the initiative’s beneficiary partners including The Global Gift Foundation, UNICEF, UNESCO and Dubai Cares for programs aimed at empowering women & children most affected by COVID-19.

The funds will allow Global Gift Foundation to continue supporting Harmony House in India, Eva Longoria Foundation, Global Gift Orphanage Qiang Chau in Vietnam and of course it´s own Casa Global GiftHome in Spain, which offers treatments & therapies to children with special needs and rare diseases.

Global Gifters including Eva Longoria, Deepak Chopra, Luis Fonsi, Anastacia, Laura Pausini, Leona Lewis, Gary Dourdan and Melanie Griffith among many others took part in the original callout to support the project over a year ago.

Maria Bravo

Dubai, UAE, 23 March 2021: Surpassing all expectations and becoming a beacon of light, “The Journey of Humanity”, Sacha Jafri’s ground-breaking painting created during COVID-19, has been sold USD 62 million – double the amount it aimed to raise in support of children around the world most affected by the pandemic. The painting was purchased by Andre Abdoune at a charity auction hosted by media personality Tom Urquhart, that took place at Atlantis, The Palm on 22 March 2021. Originally, the painting was to be sectioned into 70 lots but now thanks to its sale to Abdoune, it will be kept together for all of humanity.

“It was my dream in my life to do something amazing for my children, for my father. I talked with Sacha and I discovered the investment and love he put into this painting was so amazing. All my life I was aiming to help children. When I was a child, I had nothing to eat. Now I have something to eat. We all have to do something. Every dollar can mean something. If we do it together, we give hope to these children and their future. The impossible is possible. I want to say that this is just the first step for “Humanity Inspired,” said Andre Abdoune.

Jafri & Abdoune Unite Together

For many years now, Sacha has lent his time and incredible talent and energy to help Global Gift Foundation raise much needed funds and consequently support a large number of International NGOs across the world. A large plethora of  Global Gifters such as Eva Longoria, Deepak Chopra, Leona Lewis, Laura Pausini, Luis Fonsi, Anastacia, Lara Fabian, Melanie Griffith and many more  that were keen to actively participate in adding to the poignancy and legacy of his works of art.

Maria Bravo, founder of the Global Gift Foundation one of the beneficiary charities from the sale of the painting said; ‘ Thanks to Sacha´s passion and monumental achievements, Global Gift Foundation will be able to continue its work in Spain, the UK, France, India and worldwide. This year has been particularly challenging for everyone so more than ever we need to support the vulnerable. Through the power of Sacha’s art and Mr Abdoune’s generosity we can truly make a tangible difference. Words cannot express how grateful we are.‘

Maria Bravo

This is really a historic moment for Spanish registered NGO Global Gift Foundation and Maria Bravo: a woman who has truly made her mark on the philanthropic worldwide platform. A strong advocate of the women empowerment movement, she was born and raised in Southern Spain.  She spent many years in the USA however, where she commenced her journey in charity with her best friend, actress and activist Eva Longoria Baston by holding fundraisers around the world. Every year the charity usually celebrates over 12 Global Gift Gala´s around the world in order to benefit hundreds of charities ranging from large organizations like UNICEF or Great Ormond Street Hospital to smaller tangible projects like Harmony House in India or the Qiang Chau Orphanage in Vietnam.
Global Gift Foundation
also carries out its own projects such as Casa Global Gift, a multifunctional center for over 300 children with special needs and their families where social inclusion is one of its main goals. Specific cases of children in urgent need of medical care are also supported by Global Gift Foundation.

“The Journey of Humanity” is part of Sacha Jafri’s charitable initiative “Humanity Inspired” that was launched in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, in partnership with Atlantis, The Palm. The painting was created by Jafri at Atlantis, The Palm over a seven-month period, 20 hours a day.

“As an artist and a humanitarian for more than 25 years, this is a moment in my life; this is a moment for humanity. At the beginning of my “Humanity Inspired” initiative, I had a vision to reconnect our broken planet through the hearts, minds and souls of the children of the world. I feel in my heart that we have come one step closer to achieving this tonight, thanks to Andre,” said Sacha Jafri.

Two highly valued and sought-after collector pieces were also sold during the auction including the “Brushes Piece” – an artwork created by Jafri of the original brushes used in the creation of the record-breaking masterpiece as well as a framed piece, “Clothing Worn by the Artist” featuring clothing worn by the artist during the painstaking seven-month-long process inside the ballroom of Atlantis, The Palm during the lockdown.

Those interested in viewing select pieces from the record-breaking artwork can visit the Leila Heller Gallery, the largest in the UAE, located at the Alserkal Avenue, Dubai.

The Journey of Humanity Sells for USD$ 62m

About the Global Gift Foundation:

The Global Gift Foundation has a simple mission, to create positive change in the development , welfare, health and social inclusion of the most vulnerable around the world. The Foundation helps provide shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care and other changing survival needs of endangered, groups, particularly women by providing economic and logistical support to vulnerable individuals and families in need. The Foundation supports Women’s Empowerment and advocates for gender equality, education and professional development. The Global Gift Foundation also supports other non-profit, fiscally responsible associations and organizations in need around the world.